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Mini Science Center

Stem Learning
Last Updated On 01 November 2017
Product USP
  • Fixed Infrastructure- Permanent Branding for Corporate.
  • 24 X 7 accesses to students and teachers.
  • 65 plug and play models + 33 backdrops -Mapped to 120 concepts of Maths & Science.
  • Student’s analytical skills developed to enhance constructive imagination.
  • Certified by 4 SCERTS- Goa, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Jammu & Kashmir.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Mr Ashutosh Pandit
Contact Number     +91-22-24933738, 9987611400
Contact Email    ashutosh@stemlearning.in
Organisation Address
1205, Marathon Nextgen Campus, Opposite G. K. Marg, Lower Parel West Mumbai
Product Description

Mini Science Centre is a very educative innovative systemic instrument to revolutionize science & math’s education that makes learning accessible. It is a catalytic channel that is interactive, engaging & fun that’s aimed to raise awareness, grasp the information & strengthen the aptitude foundation of children; furthermore also supports the teachers in teaching - with a focus on science & math’s. Mini science Centre has a range of 65 table top working models with 33 back-drops and manuals in regional language providing hands-on experience for learning Science and Mathematics for Class 5 through 10.

MSC will be a permanent part of the school from installation onwards.

STEM today has already reached to more than 8,00,000 students and 4,500 teachers in 800+ schools in 15 states pan India  & reaching out to more......our latest addition is 175 Schools Brihan Mahanagar Palika (BMC) schools in Mumbai, specially rural and far flung areas. In addition to this, STEM learning also has a niche in installing 30 big science centres in different talukas of Maharashtra under Manav Vikas Mission Project of Maharashtra Government. These science centres have trained more than one lakh students who never dreamt of experiencing and exploring science in a practical and easy way or visited such interacted science centres.

Goal: Learning made accessible to all children for aptitude strengthening.

Immediate Goal:
Reaching to Large population of under privileged Children  Pan India

Aim: Ensuring equal opportunities for all under privileged Children.

Immediate Aim: Reaching 2000 schools in 2017-18

Objective: Empowerment of aptitude of children

Specific Objectives: Ignite Scientific interest in children so that –

®     Aptitude developed.

®     Difficult subjects like Science & Math’s are made fun & easy.

®     Discovery is a regular process.

®     Scientific knowledge provided for day to day understanding.

®     Possible a stepping stone for career in Science & Math’s.

®     Parents feeling secured of their children’s future. 

STEM learning has pan India presence in 15 states of India and have proven our process of Installation, delivery- Teachers Training Program along with Monitoring & Evaluation and Maintenance of MSC.
1.Maharashtra 2. Rajasthan  3. Gujarat 4. Karnataka  5. Himachal Pradesh 6. Jammu & Kashmir 7. Goa  8. Haryana 9. Delhi 10. Tamil Nadu 11. Uttar Pradesh 12. Jharkhand  13. Chhattisgarh 14. Madhya Pradesh 15. Andhra Pradesh

 Strategic areas of Focus

Provide quality teaching aids to improve teaching pedagogy for students from less privileged section of society.

Enhance aptitude capacity and skills of students to learn science and mathematics in more effective and interesting way and that also enhances teacher’s skills.

Providing a platform to exhibit and execute for Students and teachers through customized volunteer engagement programs/events.

Create partnership and collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure programmatic sustainability for the project.

For more information please visit www.stemlearning.in

Recent Projects and Users

1. Brihan Mumbai Mahapalika (BMC)- 175 schools in Mumbai- underprivileged Children and Teachers

2. 63 Moons- 38 Schools- Raigad, Maharashtra- underprivileged Children and Teachers

3. Brillio- 6 Schools- Bangalore, underprivileged Children and Teachers

About Stem Learning

STEM Learning was conceptualized with an aim to inculcate basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics at school level, thereby encouraging inclination of students / learners towards science and technology. Models designed by STEM help students in identifying and experiencing the actual products which they learn from text books making it more practical oriented.


STEM believe that school education can’t be only visual or audio but it is important for children to practically feel the products and experience it. With the same vision, STEM already own 65 products for better learning and believe in adding more for improved learning of students specially who are from less privileged section of the society

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