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Mulch layer

Kamal Kisan
Last Updated On 15 March 2018
Product USP
  • Singly handled and manually operated
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Reduces drudgery and improves work efficiency
  • Adjustable depth of planting
  • Manufactured with high-quality steel
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruits and floriculture
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Devi Murthy
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Rajajinagar Industrial Estate,
Product Description

The Kamal Kisan mulch layer is a tractor-attached device that can lay plastic mulch sheets between 3–4 ft and cover with soil in a single pass. The mulch layer can reduce labor requirements from 6 laborers to 2 laborers, while completing the laying of 1 acre of mulch film within 3hours.

Main Features:

  • Tractor attached equipment
  • Convertible to Bed Maker
  • Suitable for 2.5 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft width sheet
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Portable and quick to set up
  • Manufactured with high-quality steel
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruits and floriculture

Recent Projects and Users

To be updated soon.

About Kamal Kisan

Kamal Kisan is focused innovation in agricultural equipments delivers unique, mechanical devices that offer at least 50% increase in process efficiency, resulting in at least 50% cost benefit to farmers. This becomes a valuable proposition in the face of 23% migration of rural labour to urban centres. With farmers spending over 40% of their total cultivation cost on labour alone, the profession is no longer profitable and hence over 100,000 farmers give up farming every year. With lack of relevant technology, and the cost of labour doubling every 3 year, the food security concerns of the country will become a reality by 2020. Kamal Kisan vision is to be restore profitability in agriculture and restore the pride of the farmer. 

Kamal Kisan develops, manufactures and sells a series of farm equipment specially targeted towards small farm owners (<2 Ha). This equipment will be chosen to substitute farm activities that have the following characteristics:

  • Have heavy labor dependence
  • Contribute significantly to total cost of production
  • Do not have any relevant mechanized solution

The design of the products will have the following features:

  • Suitable for use on small farms
  • Minimal dependence on fuel
  • Ease of self-maintenance to reduce dependence on post-sales service
  • Integrated with existing farming practices to lower adoption barriers
  • Cost-effective

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