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Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 08 April 2020
Product USP
  • Air Activated Heating technology
  • Does not require any external source of energy 
  • Keep baby at +/- 37.5 degrees for upto 8 Hours
  • Enables easy transportation and Mother feeding 
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Phani Ram Thangirala
Contact Number     9099923691
Contact Email    NeoWarm@parisodhana.org
Organisation Address
#8-65/34 Bachupally Rd
Product Description

NeoWarm is an instant, portable, non-electric warm blanket to prevent hypothermia in newborn children especially during transport from a remote location to a higher center. NeoWarm essentially has two parts, NeoWarm - Heating Element which is non-electric and does not contain any batteries or materials that require recharging with electricity or hot water. NeoWarm - Wrap is designed in such a way that once the activated heating element is placed inside the pocket on the rear side of this wrap - maintains a contact surface temperature of 37± 1 ° C for up to 8 hours. NeoWarm is acknowledged by Neonatologists, Gynecologists and Pediatricians as a great substitute to radiant warmers at locations with sporadic power supply, non-functional warmers due to delayed maintenance or repair.

About Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“Parisodhana” is created to develop solutions to problems facing the mankind through applied research and affordable product development. Combining the fundamental knowledge with a cumulative problem solving experience of 30 years, “Team Parisodhana” is focused on developing alternative technologies and affordable solutions with commercial viability. Areas of interest include energy, health care and environmental protection.

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Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Problem: Many children born in remote areas (neonates), especially premature and low birth weight, are transported to well equipped higher centers. However, it is observed that more than 50% of these transported babies were found to be hypothermic at the time of admission, which further leads to morbidity and mortality. Lack of transport warmers, well equipped ambulances, trained support staff (nurses) and neonatologists in remote areas leads to higher mortality rates in LBW/premature babies in LMICs.


Solution: Parisodhana developed an instant, portable, non-electric warm blanket, NeoWarm, to prevent hypothermia in neonates, especially during transport from remote centers to higher centers. NeoWarm can maintain a baby contact surface temperature of 37± 1°C within 10 minutes, for up to 8 hours

CSR projects of product

Project Type: Donor funded
Many children born in remote areas (neonates), especially premature and low birth weight, are transp....
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