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Operation Theatre Light from Germany

BET Medical
Last Updated On 28 November 2019
Product USP
  • It has been enabled by innovative ideas and well-engineered constructions combined with the usage of modern technology.
  • Superior reflection and  Filter Filter technology 50%  less  LED compared to similar products with the same performance.
  • Combining both direct and indirect technology.
  • Wider Operating field, focus adjustable from 180 mm to 350 mm.
  • Unrestricted 360-degree Mechanical rotation in all joints
  • Mechanically, even in low ceiling theatre, all the 3 movements of the light head is possible and this is higher-end unique, which is unmatched by other brands ( even in their higher-end models).
  • Very Less Power Consumption
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
H. Shiyam Aqder
Contact Number     9444087406
Contact Email    shiyama@betmedical.com
Organisation Address
Door No.B-1, 1st Floor, Malles Manor, Old No. 8-A Periyar Road, T.Nagar
Tamil Nadu
Product Description

VIVID lights combine the latest Hybrid LED optical technology with a professional design to meet the clinical needs of various surgery teams. A setup consists of a single- or multiple-light head assembly attached to a suspension arm. The surgical lighting fixture can be either mounted at a fixed point on a ceiling or wall or positioned along a ceiling-mounted track. Types of lamps include tungsten, quartz, and/or xenon halogens and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Sterilizable handles allow the surgeon to easily adjust the light’s position. Many models can accommodate a mounted camera, and some newer models contain an integrated camera. Integration into the operating room (OR) infrastructure and control system may be possible. Surgical lights are designed to operate for extended periods of time without radiating excessive heat. LED surgical lights consist of pods, or modules, which are essentially small semiconductors that emit a narrow spectrum of light when excited by an electrical circuit. Our Lights are CE Approved.


Types and variations of Surgical lights 

  • LED They also can be categorized by mounting configuration: 
  • Ceiling-mounted
  •  Wall-mounted


Special Features of the Product


  • Hybrid Technology - An unique light with a combination of Direct (35 LEDs) and Indirect (35 LEDs) technology
  • Direct LEDs (Lens based) guarantees wider operating field of 180 mm to 350 mm with homogenous field of view
  • Indirect LEDs (Reflector based) guarantees good depth of focus (980 mm) and shadow less light.

Thus both the benefits are achieved with Hybrid Technique



  •  Made of Aluminum Body
  • VIVID Light ensures 360 degree dome rotation even in low ceiling theatres
  • Even with 70 LEDs, very low power consumption – i.e, (80 VA) per dome
  • Wireless HD “Plug and Play” camera optionally available

About BET Medical

Bet Medical established in 1991 is now 28 years old and is widely recognized as a very reliable and affordable medical equipment solution provider in India.  We have our services from Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Kolkata. Besides the responsibility of offering proper solutions to the various needs in the health care industry, our services ,be it pre-sales or after-sales has been the backbone of our growth.


Vision and Mission:

The Largest And Most Preferred medical equipment company by winning the confidence of the healthcare industry.


What makes the organization unique? 


  • Prompt response to after sales & Service support
  • Highly reliable product with advanced technology at affordable cost


Why should a corporate partner with the organization? 

  • 24x7 Service support
  • Focused cost effective solution 
  • Well established organisation in quality & service.


Special Features of the organization:

  • Qualified technical engineers trained in abroad
  • Service team available in all metro cities.
  • Reliable product

For more information, please visit Link.

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VIVID lights combine the latest Hybrid LED optical technology with a professional design to meet the....
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