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Robotix USA | India
Last Updated On 15 October 2019
Product USP
  • World's first educational robot that teaches binary coding
  • International Award Winning Products and Solutions.
  • Curriculum Mapped STEM learning
  • Gateway for Young Entrepreneurs and Scientist
  • Thoughtful Segmented Curriculum
  • Application Oriented Learning
  • Logical Reasoning  for Real-Time Challenges
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Prince Sidharth
Contact Number     9941299415
Contact Email    siddharth@robotixedu.com
Organisation Address
No 9 First Cross Street, Karpagam Gardens, Adyar
Tamil Nadu
Product Description

Phiro is an educational robotics and coding platform. With Phiro kids can learn coding, robotics and STEM through fun and interactive projects.

1. Phiro can help kids as young as 4 years of exploring the fundamentals of computer science such as “Sequencing, Algorithms, Conditionals, Loops, etc.”, just by creating their own programs to make Phiro complete certain tasks or execute the program. Kids can also take their first steps into Artificial Intelligence with Phiro. 

2. Phiro also serves as a progressive learning platform where kids can gradually explore and develop their coding & robotics skills as they also progress in school. 

3. Phiro is Lego compatible as well and provides children with infinite possible ways to use their imagination to create and program bigger and more amazing robotics projects. 


About Robotix USA | India

Robotix with a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators and creators, creates robotics & coding education programmes and robots, for children to learn STEM and develop 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving, creative thinking, innovation, critical & analytical thinking, communication and collaboration. At Robotix, kids and teens build valuable S.T.E.M skills and 21st-century skills through personalized and interactive learning experience. Students experience learning from world-class products and tools from MIT, USA, and other places like Korea, Japan and Europe. Programmes like Coding, Robotics, App development, and DIY activities will inspire kids to be inventors and creators and develop 21st-century skills. Future jobs in the STEM field are the fastest growing and it’ll be crucial for our kids to be equipped with the right skills to be prepared for the future job market.


Special Features of the Organization

  • Play Learn Foundation is a CSR based venture of Robotix Learning Solutions, a centre of STEM Educational excellence, set up in 2010. 
  • Since 2010, Robotix has been endeavouring to provide children with powerful, playful learning experiences through the latest in educational technology and practices. 
  • Apart from conducting programmes, workshops & events in STEM education for schools & CSR initiatives, Robotix also has created 3 STEM educational products of our own. 
  • Our STEM educational products Phiro & Playbits are currently being utilized by educators all over the world. 
Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Play Learn Foundation & Robotix have many years of experience with conducting programmes, activities, projects and events in STEM Education. We worked with corporate organizaations like Ford, Cisco and Amazon and provided the students under their CSR educational initiatives with unique & powerful playful learning activities. This not only provides the student with an exposure to STEM topics and a unique way of approaching their syllabus with the latest in educational technology but also in helping the children build & develop their 21st Century skills; Skills such as Critical thinking, Computational thinking, Problem solving, Collaboration etc., which will help the student ready themselves when they are about to enter the job market.


For more information, please visit Link.

CSR projects of product

Play Learn Foundation & AMAZON programme
Project Type: CSR
1. Play Learn Foundation & Robotix provide programmes in STEM Education to the CSR educational i....
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