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PLUS English

40K Plus
Last Updated On 11 November 2019
Product USP
  • We understand the barriers to learning in low-resource environments and have designed around that.
  • Our program works offline, is very user-friendly, and can work without a highly-qualified teacher.
  • We believe in leveraging data to make intelligent decisions and increase the efficiency of the learning process
  • Having worked in two countries through multiple channels, we can adapt to any requirement or situation.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Swetha Prakash
Contact Number     9686647788
Contact Email    swetha@40k.com.au
Organisation Address
No. 410 3rd Floor, 5th Main Road, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar
Product Description

The 40K PLUS English program couples an innovative use of technology with a “flipped” classroom model. The program maps globally recognized, standardized learning content to the learning outcomes as per the Global Scale of English (GSE). Multi-level assessments mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) allow student progress and learning outcomes to be tracked periodically. Our technology system makes this content available offline for use in environments with limited or no internet availability.


We have designed a 3-part technology system consisting of a cloud-based dashboard that houses our education content, an offline system that delivers this content in the classroom and a learning app that is the primary learning tool for students, accessible through tablets or computers. 


The Learning App is supported by a strong peer learning model, where students work in peer groups to gain concept mastery through offline activities and games.


This solution shifts the burden of core learning delivery from a teacher to a device. The tech-based delivery enables consistency and quality at scale, as well as allowing multi-ability students to learn different concepts in the same classroom, at the same time.

About 40K Plus

40K PLUS is an EdTech social enterprise with a mission to make English language learning accessible. 40K Plus English uses technology in an innovative manner, making high-quality learning material available through an offline, easy-to-use learning platform. The program is learner-driven and ability-based, allowing each learner to begin at the right level and progress at his/her own speed.


Our theory of change is that when children can read, write and speak basic English, they can read to learn and engage in basic conversations, which becomes the foundation for future study and increased employability.


In harnessing non-internet reliant technology and low-cost tablets, 40K PLUS enables children who have limited to no English skills to:

  1. achieve CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Level A2 in English competencies, focusing on basic transactional English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  2. develop their digital literacy and capacity to access both information and opportunities; and
  3. enhance their soft-skills and ability to successfully engage with others.

Teachers also develop skills and English literacy through interacting with the 40K PLUS tool during lessons


We have tested our approach through our community-run learning centers in Karnataka, government schools in Bangalore and in partnership with the Government of Cambodia through government schools. We measured impact through baseline tests based on the EGRA (Early Grade Reading Assessment) and found that PLUS learners outperformed the control group in every literacy skill, with an average 18% improvement above the control group learning pace. With data collection embedded in our system, we have demonstrated that learners on the PLUS program progress at a much better pace than learners in a comparable control group.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?


The ability to read, write and speak English is a basic need for both children as well as adults across the world to access and benefit from all possible education and career opportunities. Around the world, about 250 million children cannot read or write, despite 4 years of schooling due to restrictions in access to quality education. Goal 4 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development highlights this urgent need for quality education. According to the ASER Survey of 2016 in India, 24.5% of children in Class 5 could not read simple English sentences. The 40K PLUS program addresses these barriers around the knowledge of English that are intrinsic to the socio-economic development and general well-being of the community.


As a social enterprise, 40K Plus addresses the lack of access to quality education is restricted or low-resource environments, where significant physical, socio-cultural and economic barriers to education exist. This project targets schools in communities in India where a lack of access to quality English language education severely limits the capacity of children to eventually access higher education, information, and employment – all opportunities key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our partnerships with corporate entities are mutually beneficial. For the corporate entity,

  1.  it is an opportunity to be associated with a program that empowers children and their families in restricted environments to come out of the circle of poverty.
  2.  the fact that the program is technology-enabled means that we can provide periodic, quantitative reports on both the usage of the program and the progress made by children.
  3.  a the technology-driven program also ensures consistency and standardization in delivery, which means that as a corporate entity, you know exactly what is being delivered to children and you also know that every child is getting the same experience.
  4.  since most corporate employees are comfortable with English, it also presents an opportunity for staff volunteers to get involved in the program, without any need for extensive training or handholding. 

For 40K Plus, it allows us to offer the product at a heavily subsidized rate (or free of cost in some cases) to schools, thereby giving us a channel to increase our reach.


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