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PriMove Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

PriMove Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 04 March 2022
Product USP
  • Capacity Building, Training & Institution development PriMove provides capacity-building services to strengthen the abilities of individuals and organizations to effectively perform their tasks.
  • CNA and TNA exercise PriMove carry out detailed and extensive capacity needs assessment and training needs assessment exercises for a particular department, institution, or the sector as a whole.
  • Evaluation, Monitoring PriMove provides evaluation and monitoring services for various development projects. Based on the evaluations and monitoring, we develop knowledge products to inform policy and project development. The development of participatory monitoring and evaluation systems for development projects is one of the strong areas of PriMove.
  • Master Planning PriMove provides services for developing master plans for basic infrastructure in urban and rural areas. The range of service varies from the basin-wide master plan for Water to infrastructure master plans for private industrial and residential townships.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports Supported by a large pool of experts, PriMove provides services for developing detailed project reports for water infrastructure projects. The services include population projections, topographical and geotechnical surveys, detailed designs and hydraulic modeling, quantity survey, estimations, developing project reports to seek finance, pretender activities as well as detailed engineering and construction level detailing to help effective execution
  • Project Management Services PriMove provides Project Management on infrastructure projects. Our team ensures that projects are executed as per milestones with proper quality checks in place. The service includes construction quality management, time and cost management, measurements and records along with reporting as per client and project needs.
  • Rehabilitation & Resettlement PriMove provides services to assess the impact of the development projects, identify the project-affected persons and develop rehabilitation action plans to mitigate the adverse impacts and enhance the positive impacts of the project. We adopt a participatory process to develop the action plans in the framework of the relevant R&R policies and guidelines.
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Contact Name
Neelesh Kulkarni
Contact Number     9870302361
Contact Email    info@primoveindia.com
Organisation Address
South Delhi B-232/1, Birla Farm, Chattarpur Extension
New Delhi
Product Description

PriMove Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd, is a leading service provider in the field of various engineering services and capacity building services since 1999. The organization has been promoted and managed by professionals to provide support services to the Government, Multilateral and bilateral agencies, NGOs, Corporate, Urban Local Bodies (Municipal Governments), and Rural Local Bodies.


PriMove provides various services in the field of Water Supply, Sewage, Storm Water Management, Highways & Bridges, Rural & Urban Sanitation, Environmental Planning, Water Resource Development, Natural Resource Management, Renewable energy & Agriculture. The spectrum of our services ranges widely from robust Engineering Designs, Topographical Surveys, Aerial Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Preparation of DPR, Preparation of Master plans, Project Management Consultancy, preparation of development plans, Capacity Building, Training & Institution Development, Policy Research, and Documentation.


We have also developed technologies in the sector of rural sanitation, sewerage treatment, and water purification. We are also acting as a support as well as an implementing organization, for various initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility delivering end-to-end solutions.

About PriMove Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

PriMove is a leading consulting organization. We provide services for rural, urban, and regional development. We are experienced in Regional Planning, Village Development, program & policy development in water & sanitation, agriculture, natural resource management, sanitation, and irrigation sectors for more than 21 years. Providing end-to-end services for water projects is our specialization. We are based at Pune in the Maharashtra state of India, the organization has been promoted and managed by professionals to provide support services to the Government, multilateral and bilateral agencies, NGOs, Corporate, Urban Local Bodies (Municipal Governments), and Rural Local Bodies.


It has provided services in Maharashtra, other states of India, and also internationally.PriMove has also worked in African countries. We have provided services for water sector projects to cities with a current population ranging from 3.5 million to small rural habitations with a population of a few thousand. We have also provided services to the regional water supply schemes covering multiple rural and urban habitations. PriMove provides services in the field of Water supply, Sewage, stormwater management, environmental sanitation, Master planning, Regional and Town planning, Water resource development & management, and Rural development.


PriMove provides technical services for the preparation of detailed Project reports and Project management services for both rural and urban infrastructure development projects. PriMove services also include appraisals, project design, development of capacity building and project implementation strategies, delivery of capacitybuilding components through training of trainers, development of tools, process design; management and monitoring systems, project evaluations, and development of knowledge products.


PriMove has worked with a diverse range of clients nationally and internationally in these sectors. A selected list of our clients includes the World Bank, KFW, GTZ, UNICEF, Central and State Governments of India, rural and urban local government agencies, Govt. of Lesotho, NGOs, and CBOs. PriMove has worked extensively with the Department of Agriculture, the Government of Maharashtra the expertise available with PriMove covers a wide spectrum.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

We are an organization that excels in:

  • Water Management - Watershed development, Drinking water, Water resource development, groundwater management, water budgeting, optimizing water use, etc.
  • Wastewater management- ODF, Toilets, sewage treatment, fecal sludge treatment, water recycling, and reuse
  • Capacity building in Water and Sanitation
  • Agribusiness management- FPC /FPO Capacity building and Market linkages.

We and our associate organization’s products like Zincalume tanks, inline chlorinators, Tiger toilets and vermicomposting, etc. complement the other activities which are implemented for the rural communities. Our present clients are mainly Govt(Local, municipal, District, States, and GoI) and International agencies. We are working with a few corporates as well.We wish to work more with the Corporates under their CSR projects, as we feel there is a need for a professional entity to work on critical areas like Water and Sanitation, Wastewater management, FPO Capacity Building, market linkages, etc. These are also the need of the hour and are given the highest priority by the State and Central Govt. For rural and needy areas - aspirational districts, backward districts, areas with water distress, areas where only soil water conservation works have been done under watersheds, in such areas the communities are yet to experience the benefits, and further critical work still needs to be done.

As an organization with vast experience over the years and with expertise in areas which are critical in rural and livelihood development, in particular. We wish to work directly with the Foundations promoted by the Corporates or in tandem with the Corporate appointed NGOs doing development work. We can handhold them in our areas of expertise. In doing so, the ultimate benefit will be reaped by the participating rural communities who will get the best professional services at their doorstep, very much in sync with the overall objective of the Corporates under the CSR.

CSR projects of product

Technical assistance for Water Safety and Security in villages of Mandrial & Sapotra district
Project Type: CSR
With this project, we provided technical assistance for implementing Village Water Safety and Securi....
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