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Pure2o water Filter & ImerPure Cartridges

Imerys Performance & Filtration Minerals Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 22 August 2019
Product USP
  • Long filter life - upto 8000 liters
  • High Flow rate - 4-8 liters per hour 
  • Zero maintenance
  • Improves taste, odour and colour of  water (variant dependent)
  • Easy to assemble and clean
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Nitin Mahale
Contact Number     9029685279
Contact Email    nitin.mahale@imerys.com
Organisation Address
401, Orion Business Park Nehru Road, Santacruz - East
Product Description

Looking to develop a socially relevant solution to the compelling potable water problem in the world today, Imerys has spent 5 years developing a revolutionary gravity water filtration technology. Developed by our team of scientists and after being subjected to extensive on-field and in-lab research, we are proud to launch our patented technology for non-electric household water filtration – ImerPure®. 


Our ImerPure® SKUs vary from passing a minimum of the WHO interim standards to a maximum of the WHO highest protective drinking water standard. Extensive field trials have been conducted in various African, South American and Asian countries along with Tufts University, NGO PATH and the currently concluded ongoing ELHRA humanitarian challenge. 


We are able to supply a full ready-to-use unit complete with outside plastic body as well as an ImerPure® cartridge only SKU, which has been designed to fit into multiple type of buckets that might be locally available. This allows us to be extremely flexible in suiting locally available plastic containers as well as a significant reduction in space and logistic costs.


Pure2O water filter is designed to fit an ImerPure cartridge and adds additional product features apart from the ones the consumer gets with the ImerPure cartrdige.


Special Features of the Product

  • Performance

- E.Coli Bacterial removal >99.99% - 99.9999% (depending on the variant)

- Protozoa and Cyst removal >99.99%

- Turbidity removal >30NTU

- Virus removal > 99.9% (on selected variant)

  • Aesthetics

- Product designed after 1 year of consumer testing across India and other parts of the world

- Transparent scratch resistant plastic body with level indicators

- Improves the colour, taste and odour of the input water

  • After sales service

- Zero maintainenance

- Easy to assemble and does not require any personnel visit at the time of assembly or cartridge change

  • Benefits 

- Long filter life upto 8000 liters

- High Flow rate 4-8 liters per hour 

- Easy to clean

- No boiling of water or cartridge required before or after use

  • Quality

- All components tested for food grade

- Manufacturing process allows tracability of each disk to the raw material used

- Manufactured and supplied from a ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000:2015 certified plant

- Strick quality control for performance and aesthetics during manufacturing and dispatch

  • Packaging

- Fedex drop tested packaging used with cosumer design

- Customized packaging available as required for both the cartrdridge as well as the full product


Useful for :

  • Individual Households: The Pure2O water filters are best fit for a family of 5 and works well on household level


  • Disaster: ImerPure cartridge are extremely well suited for disaster situation where logistics become a key variable to tackle. The ImerPure cartridge due to its flexibility can fit into various buckets locally available. Imerys is highly equipped to supply bulk orders in a very short time to attend to disasters. We have worked globally with our water filters and have global disaster relief partners that vouch the performance of our filters


  • CSR: Pure 2O water filters can be very efficiently utilized to provide clean drinking water to people. With its high filter life the filter should last for 6-12 months. Imerys has abudantant experience with handling CSR initiatives for people. We have a dedicated team who can work with the donor in the field to execute CSR


  • Gifting: Nothing better than gifting clean water to your employees, customers, vendors, dealers or distributor. 


  • Incentives: The filters can also be used to incentivise your sales force or dealer network for an exceptional performance or sales bonus

Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project: Kerala Floods

Name of the Partner: PHIA Foundation (Christian Aid)

Location: Kerala



Kerala, a southern state of India, was hit by its worst flood in more than a century. Imerys Filtration participated in the relief effort by supplying 3000 ImerPure water filters to the Association Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG) under their ‘Jeevajalam, Water for Life Program.’ These filters were distributed by AKMG partners, GlobalMedic and PHIA Foundation, last week to families in need. These ImerPure filters will provide each family with clean drinking water for up to 1 year. Imerys is gratified to be able to help the people of Kerala by providing them with the means to access clean drinking water at such a critical juncture. The ImerPure water filters are low-cost, high performing gravity water filters that can help improve living conditions of people in remote locations or during disaster relief operations. These water filters are able to purify highly turbid and contaminated water to render it potable.


Special Features of the Project

  • Low cost water filters provide access to clean drinking water

About Imerys Performance & Filtration Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Imerys is a $4.5 Billion French speciality mineral company. It employs 16,000+ people in over 50 countries. Imerys has over a 100 yrs of experience in filtration and is responsible to filter ~50% of the world beverage with its filter aid. Using its century old expertise along with its partner organization, Imerys developed the next generation of gravity based water filter system

Imerys is a customer focus company that supports various customer efforts with its in vast experience in manufacturing, quality and logistics.



For more information, please visit Link.

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