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RGGC - RURs GreenGold Aerobic Biocomposter

RUR Greenlife Private Limited
Last Updated On 27 May 2021
Product USP
  • Replicates the forest way of recycling
  • Equipped with smart air ventilators and moisture control for appropriate Air-Temperature Moisture balance required for hassle-free composting
  • No electricity, no chemical additives, totally natural process
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Monisha Narke
Contact Number     9322456789
Contact Email    monisha.rur@gmail.com
Organisation Address
RUR Greenlife Private Limited 307, Nav Vivek Industrial Premises, Mogul Lane
Mahim West, Mumbai
Product Description

RURs GreenGold Aerobic Home Biocomposter (RGGC) is a patent filed, simple plug & play innovative in-vessel composting technology that facilitates composting right through the comfort of your home. RGGC has been rated as innovative "GreenProduct" in the year 2017 by Indian Green Building Council(IGBC). RUR GreenLife’s model of decentralized waste management solutions has also been awarded Bronze on a global platform by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)as the most sustainable method of waste management.

Special features: 

RGGC comes with unique air vent technology that ensures aerobic degradation making the process odor-free. It comes with a stainless steel lid for easy loading bio-waste, harvesting compost; and a simple handle with double gear for easiest rotation of your tumbler.  The equipment does not require any assembly, just place it in a well-ventilated and under sun shed location and start using. You do not have to depend on any lab-chemical additives or culture but your old compost for accelerating the process. For the first batch of composting the nutrient-rich seed compost is provided in the starter kit. Being a decentralized model with manual operation of composting, it ensures near-zero recurring cost of operation. 


Add your daily kitchen waste such as fruit vegetable peels, fish/meat bones, egg shells, leftover food scraps, rotten fruits & veggies with equal part of dry leaves/sawdust/coco peat. Rotate twice a week for optimal mixing of waste. Your organic compost is ready in 45-60 days. Easy collection of compost tea/leachate/excess liquid through drain pipe ensures a clean composting site. Electric Blue or Peppy Orange Color Watering for collection of Compost Tea. Use this liquid as a fertilizer for your plants after diluting (For 1 part liquid, add 10 parts of tap water). Once the compost is ready, harvest it and use it for potted plants or to grow organic fruits/vegetable & herbs in your balcony or set up a garden!! 

About RUR Greenlife Private Limited

RUR GreenLife - socio environmental organisation passionately working for the planet by creating eco conscious citizens. RUR (Are you Reducing, Reusing, Recycling?) ideates,designs,builds,trains and implements customised turnkey, cradle-to-cradle, waste-to-resource solutions which are sustainable and decentralised for homes, residential communities, schools, organisations and corporate offices, aligning with circular economy and UN SDGs. They also offer eco-education programs for educational institutions and corporate offices to bring in awareness about wide range of sustainability aspects. RUR also offers tailor made projects under CSR, that aligns with environment and education agenda of the organisation.



  • Create eco-consciousness amongst citizens for contributing to our planet by adopting good green practices.


  • Sensitize and educate citizens on sustainable living  Innovate & design sustainable solutions
  • Maximize recycling at source  Reduce landfill load
  • Develop eco-friendly product
  • Make bio-composting easy, attractive, and affordable
Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

RUR GreenLife is a team of young, dynamic, highly qualified, and self-motivated sustainability enthusiasts. The organization has demonstrated ideation and seamless execution of a range of tailor-made CSR projects. They are also equipped with both products and services that can cater to client requirements, making them a one-stop solution. At RUR they believe in closely monitoring the impact of the project and generate robust detailed and thought-through annual reports that provide detailed insights into the project.

Besides being a decade old in the fraternity of waste management, they have a very strong backing of R n D and have curated their products and services after a thorough understanding of the problem statement. They keep abreast with the latest trends and technologies and offer a fair assessment as a consultant on various available technologies. They are currently recycling over 650 tonnes of solid waste annually and mitigating over 4500kg of CO2e. The compost generated is used to develop and nurture urban gardens that not only contributes towards cleaner air water, but also towards food security. They have been working with schools and colleges very closely to instill concepts of sustainability amongst youth. They have educated over 4 million people through events, campaigns, contests, kiosks and digital activation during the 10 years of our journey.

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