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Recobro Vigile

Last Updated On 24 August 2020
Product USP
  • Highly miniaturized wearable cloud connected vital sign monitor – ICU and OT/OR grade
  • Wireless transmission of patient vitals directly to doctor’s smartphone in real time, allowing for dynamic remote patient monitoring
  • Measures up to 7 vital signs:
  • Multiple patients (up to 16) can be monitored simultaneously using the dedicated remote monitoring app – MyTelePatient
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Vivek Rangi
Contact Number     9569050051
Organisation Address
Plot No. 1687-A JLPL Industrial Park
Product Description

Clarity offers a variety of patient monitoring systems ranging from small wearable data acquisition devices to full-size touch screen 15-inch bedside/wall-mounted monitors.


The Recobro Vigile is a highly miniaturized ICU and OT/OR grade multiparameter vital sign monitor with wireless communication capabilities. The device is able to measure up to 7 distinct vital signs and transmit patient data directly to their physician’s smartphone through its dedicated mobile app – MyTelePatient. Its long battery life and hot-swapping features ensures round-the-clock uninterrupted monitoring. The Recobro Vigile finds applications multiple hospital and clinical scenarios: from accurate monitoring in ICU and Operation theatre to in-transit monitoring and patient data transmission for emergency response services, to home care for post-operative and less-critical patients.


Below are the features of Recobro Vigile

  • Wireless transmission of patient vitals directly to doctor’s smartphone in real time, allowing for dynamic remote patient monitoring
  • High capacity rechargeable battery with hot swapping feature enables uninterrupted monitoring
  • Smart design facilitates transit monitoring
  • 2.4” color LCD display shows vital sign values
  • Application for emergency response services (ambulance)
  • Finds applications in home care scenarios for post-operative and non-critical patients 

Other than the Recobro Vigile, Clarity Medical also offers a comprehensive range of full-sized bedside patient monitors, that are fully customizable to the user’s need. Upto 7 distinct vital signs measured. Available in 7”, 10”, 12” and 15” screen size variants.

About Clarity-Medical

Clarity Medical Private Limited, incorporated in 2003, is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) engaged in innovation, design, and manufacturing of Medical Devices and Solutions. The company has partners and customers across the Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Clarity’s products are CE marked and now with demand from the US, the company is also pursuing FDA approval. The company specializes in bedside Patient Monitors, Remote Patient Monitoring of patients with acute conditions, Cardiology and Neurology products. 


 All products and solutions are designed, developed, and manufactured in India.

Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality medical solutions at an affordable price. For us “Made in India” must reflect world-class technology.


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Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Clarity’s hardware and software solutions are setup in kiosks/MMV's (mobile medical vehicle) that are managed medical professionals to provide medical care to rural and remote populations across 27 states in India.


The company apart from Hewlett Packard Enterprise CSR has also partnered with Tata AIG to support its CSR initiative to manage and combat the CoVID-19 pandemic by delivering medical devices to major hospitals in Maharashtra. 

CSR projects of product

MMV's equipped with eHealth Kits provided by Clarity Medical
Project Type: CSR
Corporations can leverage Clarity Medical’s CSR solution to deliver on their Social Responsibi....
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