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Saarthi - Assistive mobility device

Torchit Electronics Pvt. Ltd
Last Updated On 13 January 2023
Product USP
  • 99.7 % obstacle detection accuracy
  • 3 different modes ranging from 2ft to 8ft
  • Long lasting and rechargeable battery
  • Affordable price 
Quick Summary
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Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Dedeepya Gohil
Contact Number     9879555540
Contact Email    dedeepya@torchit.in
Organisation Address
Product Description

Our product "Saarthi"-, is an assistive mobility device for the visually impaired people that provides "99.7% Obstacle Detection Accuracy in all possible setups including closed rooms (within 2 feet), lobbies (within 4 feet) and streets & open areas (within 8 feet). Saarthi is ergonomically designed, battery efficient device that can be used standalone or can be attached to any white cane. 

Special features of product

  • Saarthi can be used standalone and can be mounted on any cane
  • Obstacle detection accuracy in 3 ranges being 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet
  • Ergonomic design & battery efficient (1 charge shall last 30 days)
  • Saarthi promises great accuracy at an affordable price of INR 1,500 in order to have maximum grassroots level impact

Recent Projects and Users


Name of project: Creating vision beyond sight / walk with pride

Name of partner: Blind People’s Association  (BPA)

Distribution of Saarthi device to the visually impaired students, children, women and senior citizens after proper identification of the beneficiaries. Post distribution extensive training and continuous support for the beneficiaries. Successful execution of project in the focus areas of the corporate partner ensuring quality social capital for them.  

Special feature of project: Collaborative approach of involving all stakeholders in the project

About Torchit Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Vision : Seeking empowerment and independence for the entire differently abled community across the world

Mission : Touching lives by enabling independence for 1 million differently abled lives till 2021

What makes your organization unique ?

Accuracy and affordability. No organization in the sector provides 99.7% high accuracy at a low price point of only 1500 INR. Our network of NGO’s working in the sector is an added advantage to reach out to the beneficiaries in remote areas.

Why should a corporate partner with your organization ?

Quality, Transparency & Impact are at the core of our projects. We customize our projects according to the needs of the corporates and execute quality projects in the area of their focus ensuring maximum impact.

For more information pelase visit the link.

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