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Saarthi: A Smart Cane

Torchit Electronics Pvt. Ltd
Last Updated On 23 January 2023
Product USP
  • Accuracy and AdvanceThe device has 99.7% precision to find obstacles and 98.2% precision in angle accuracy
  • Battery Backup: Our battery lasts for 30 days which saves the inconvenience of charging again and again.
  • Product Design: Unique and ergonomically designed, it can be attached to the normal white cane and can be used in that which are unfamiliar or new to the user. While in familiar areas Torch-It can be detached from the white cane and be used as a torch.
  • The product is extremely simple to use after training of mere 5 minutes.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Pragya Balothiya
Contact Number     9638134043
Contact Email    pragya@mytorchit.com
Organisation Address
703, MV House, Namaste Circle, Shahibaug,
Ahmedabad-380004 Gujarat.
Product Description

Saarthi is an innovative product that can be used to sense the surroundings of visually impaired people, which will help them in navigating their dark world. Saarthi can be attached to the white cane and the user will be able to sense the obstacles through feedback in the form of a buzzing sound and vibrating sensations. A powerful battery and microcontroller have been used to make it more effective and long-lasting with the availability of three accurate ranges.

Saarthi comes with built-in detection sensors which help the user easily and accurately identify the surroundings of the person using the device. The device gives off a buzz instantaneously, in case it encounters an obstacle at a height above the knee of the person. Ergonomically designed, this device can be mounted on and used along with the traditional white cane as well as without it. It has a powerful battery that lasts up to 30 days, which removes the hassle of charging the product quite often. Made out of robust material, this device has a shelf life of around 5 years.

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About Torchit Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Torchit is a Govt. of India-aided social-tech startup that empowers People with Disabilities to lead a dignified, independent, and meaningful life through the design & development of technological solutions using AI and ML.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

We have taken up the mission to empower the PwDs across the world to lead more independent, meaningful, and connected lives through the use of simplistic, effective yet affordable assistive devices and with a mission to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that fosters inclusive growth for differently-abled persons through enabling assistive mobility & accessibility, financial sustenance, and literacy.

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Distribution & Training of “Saarthi: An assistive Mobility device”
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We believe that in the era of technological advancement, everyone should be able to get benefits fro....
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