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Sarvajal Water ATM Device

Piramal Water Private Limited
Last Updated On 18 June 2019
Product USP
  • Enhances scale of impact and optimizes net investment per installation
  • Establishes water-price transparent markets
  • Assures 24x7 access to safe drinking water
  • Presents option to provide direct-targeted subsidies through government run programs.
  • Ensures water quality accountability at the last mile
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Sarita Bhatia
Contact Number     9910666319
Contact Email    sarita.bhatia@sarvajal.com
Organisation Address
Block A, 705-709, Dev Aurum Anandnagar Road, Prahlad Nagar
Product Description

Sarvajal’s proprietary technology plays a vital role in providing a comprehensive solution for delivery of low cost drinking water at the last mile. Cloud connected and solar powered water ATMs tracks every transaction that takes place, which enables sophisticated market forecasting and proactive multi-unit management.  Water ATMs are automated water dispensing units, which provide communities with 24/7 safe water access. The customized design serves the maximum number of people at lower infrastructural costs. 


Piramal Sarvajal has designed and deployed various business models keeping this im mind to provide reliable and sustianable delivery of safe drinking water to rural and urban communities. Water ATMs are  can operate off-grid, providing 24/7 access to safe drinking water Filtered water is transferred from the central purification plant to the ATMs using a hygienic water carrying vehicle Piramal Sarvajal provides regular maintenance support and community awareness drives All partners have access to daily and monthly performance reports using real-time data from the ground. 

Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project: Serving safe drinking water to slum dwellers

Project Partner: Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation


Piramal Sarvajal provides access to safe drinking water across Bhubaneswar via its unique Hub and Spokes model. Till date it has dispensed ~29 lakh litres of safe drinking water through 40 water ATMs. One of the locations is Mamata Gharana, Bhubaneswar’s first community home for members of the transgender community. One of the members Madhuri Kinnar, 38, is happy that she and her mates - over 70 others - now have access to clean water in their own locality. “Over the last two decades, we have faced lots of problems in getting water. We had to go kilo metres away to Vani Vihar or Rasulgarh to collect water for our consumption and other daily uses.”




Name of the Project: Beyond-the-pipe Communities

Project Partner: Ashok Leyland


Sarvajal partnered with Ashok Leyland under the Jal Jeevan initiative of Hinduja foundation to set up a purification plant and ATM to provide 24/7 access of safe drinking water to the community. The lady operator Ms Vennila of Kattur Village says,"My routine starts with filling the tank and helping people who come to the ATM from 7.30 in the morning to 11.00 a.m. I go into the village for enrolling people as members. I go home for lunch and return at 3.00 p.m. and I am here till 7.30 p.m. This routine is convenient. If anybody needs me they do call me and I can be at the water plant in minutes. When I need help I call the JFE brother. This job has given me three things that I wanted a) a workplace near my house, b) I like helping people, and serving water is the best service and c) I make friends quickly and I know this village well. People trust me and listen when I talk to them about the new water ATM. They place their trust in me by filling membership form for taking safe drinking water without thinking twice."


About Piramal Water Private Limited

Piramal Sarvajal, seeded by the Piramal Foundation in 2008, is a mission driven social enterprise which designs and deploys innovative solutions for creating affordable access to safe drinking water in underserved areas. Sarvajal is at the forefront of developing technologies and business practices in the safe drinking water sector that are designed to make a purely market-based model sustainable in both rural and urban deployment conditions. Currently, Piramal Sarvajal is reaching out to about 600,000 consumers daily, through 1500 touch-points across 20 states


Mission: To Innovate, Demonstrate, Enable and Promote affordable safe-drinking water solutions.


Solution: Piramal Sarvajal sets up community level solutions that are locally operated but centrally managed on a market based pay per use system. While Piramal Sarvajal is purification technology agnostic, they leverage cloud based technology for greater operational oversight. As such, their initiatives are low cost for high impact.


For more information please visit the Link.


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