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Science & STEM Park Products

Last Updated On 13 June 2023
Product USP
  • Ankidyne has been a pioneer in Science Park  manufacturing in India since 1993.
  • We specialize in establishing STEM Parks, Teaching Aids Library and STEM Labs
  • Our process is seamless starting from design, manufacturing, logistics, execution and maintenance. With prompt servicing our clients flaunt science parks that are over 20 years new, executed by us in their school. 
  • Apart from quality materials, products and servicing; that are a given with Ankidyne, as the first manufacturers of Science park in India, our products and projects have been reviewed by renowned educators, scientists and bureaucrats of the country.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Mr. Padmanabhan A.S
Contact Number     9444079727
Contact Email    edp@ankidyne.com
Organisation Address
No 46 1st Main Road New Colony Chrompet
Tamil Nadu
Product Description

1.STEM Lab, is an indoor setup with demonstrative table-top equipment that are space friendly and budget friendly. The STEM Lab can be an experiential zone of learning containing more than 50 models in less than 300 sq.ft. STEM Lab equipment  are curriculum-mapped.

2.Science Parks are outdoor learning parks, covering various academic concepts through experiential learning methods. 

Science Parks are very essential learning spaces for children. They carry, both the learning in them and provide children their much needed outdoor space for interacting their teachers and academic subjects. Science Parks are cluster of open air science gadgets for play way learning of science.

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About Ankidyne

"Ankidyne has been functioning as a pioneer in Science Park & Playground Equipment manufacturing in India since 1993. We specialize in establishing Science Parks, and STEM Labs. Our process is seamless starting from designing to manufacturing, logistics, execution, and maintenance. We have executed more than 50,000+ projects all over India. Apart from quality materials, products, and servicing; which are a given with Ankidyne, as the first manufacturers of Science Park in India, our products and projects have been reviewed by renowned educators, scientists, and bureaucrats of the country. Depending on your space and budget we will be able to guide you set up the best learning facility and play"

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are driven to give quality education to all. Ankidyne delivers this play way experiential method of learning.

Science Park, caters to an engaging, experiential mode of learning for young minds, awakening their innate curiosity and creativity through the learning process. We manufacture insightful science park equipment that bridges the gap between students and academic concepts. 


The STEM approach is an educational tool that guides your child through a visual and stimulating process of learning.






Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Over our 30 years of experience, we had executed several projects all across India and abroad. We have worked with many corporations to establish CSR projects in various locations. Through these CSR projects, we were able to take experiential education tools to grass root levels.

Established Science Park and STEM Lab for socially and economically disadvantaged groups have a great impact on children and society as a whole.

Ankidyne’s mission is to provide play - way method of learning to all children, and we believe everyone has the right to education. CSR project in the area of education aligns with our mission.

CSR projects of product

Project Type: CSR
BOSCH commissioned the setup of two STEM Labs for 2 government schools Devariyambakkam, and Panruti ....
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