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See Saw Pump

Span Pumps Private Limited
Last Updated On 23 October 2018
Product USP
  • Smart use of energy
  • No electricity required
  • Low operation & Maintenance
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Pritam Bhandari
Contact Number     +91 20 66000408
Contact Email    info@spanpump.com
Organisation Address
Office No. 1001, 10th Floor, Montreal Business Centre, Baner Road
Product Description

Joy pumps are an innovative concept of pumping water from bore-well, a sump or a rainwater harvesting tank. It uses playful energy of children or operators collectively to pump water. See Saw pumps use force lift technology to draw water from a water source to an overhead tank above the ground level for storage and distribution. It doesn’t require electric power. See Saw pumps work on the same technology and use the reciprocating motion to move the valves of a water cylinder. These pumps use a specially designed mechanism to convert the revolving motion to a reciprocating one. The technology below the ground is same as the hand pump technology, hence making it very easy to maintain at village level.

Technical Specification

Construction Details

Fabricated Mild Steel

Wing Span

3 m

Play Mechanism



8-16 children

Ideal Speed

50 storkes per minute


1500-2000 liters per hour

Space Requirement

6m * 1.5m minimum

Operating Depth

Upto 80 m depth


Direct action reciprocating cylinder of any deep well hand pump

Deliver Head

8 m


600 Kgs.

Riser pipes

As per users requirement


  • Suitable for use on 100mm and above diameter bore well, sump or rainwater collector tank.
  • Can lift water up to 8m above ground for storage and distribution.
  • On line water purification devices can be used with either pumping or distribution system.
  • Easy to install and safe to use.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost.
  • Can be adopted with below ground assembly of any deep well hand pump.
  • Convenient for use in remote areas.


  • Schools, for drinking, sanitation and personal hygiene
  • Institutions for drinking and sanitation
  • Public garden, drinking, sanitation and watering plants
  • Community centers for drinking and sanitation
  • Small communities for drinking
  • Relief camps for drinking


Recent Projects and Users

To be updated soon.

About Span Pumps Private Limited


To focus on innovative, environment friendly and most appropriate technology options to provide 360degree solutions, which facilitate micro level water needs, to improve the overall quality of human life globally.



To become World's leading corporation providing good quality, cost effective solutions for drinking, irrigation and sanitation needs, using alternative energy resources, especially for the rural and underprivileged population, with an aim to make them self-reliant.

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