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Sensor Based Irrigation Controller

FlyBird Innovations
Last Updated On 16 April 2018
Product USP
  • Automatic Irrigation
  • Temperature & Humidity measurement
  • Rain sensors
  • Automatic fertigation
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
K.S. Satish
Contact Number     +91 9886168166 ,+91 9902334224
Organisation Address
#887/201, 2nd floor, 9th Main D Block, Sahakaranagar
Product Description

FlyBird has developed a unique product in the field of agriculture which helps farmers to control Irrigation and Fertigation automatically and get the best results in crop production.

Features :

  • Automatic irrigation to crop based on soil moisture & soil temperature will be done so that right quantity of water is supplied to crop.
  • In protected as well open cultivation the temperature & relative humidity is measured and crop irrigation is done based on those readings.
  • This also takes the help of rain sensors to postpone or reschedule the irrigation to crops if rain is received.
  • Automatic Fertigation up to 2 tanks

Advantages to Farmers:

  • Farmers can Irrigate / Fertilize Precise amount of Water & Fertilizer based on crop requirements
  • Crop will get right amount of water based on multiple sensors which are critical for plant growth and yield.

Recent Projects and Users

To be updated soon.

About FlyBird Innovations

FlyBird Farm Innovations is Social Impact Agriculture enterprise and has been incorporated with a Vision to solve Key Problems of the Agriculture sector. Through Innovations and Technology, they  are focusing o

  • Improvising the Livelihood of Farmers
  • Improving the Crop Yield / Production
  • Saving Water and Electric Power
  • Integrating Affordable Technology for Farmers 

Irrigation and applying Fertilizers to plants/crops are very important and critical tasks in any cultivation. Irrigating water at right time and right quantity is very Key for growing Plants/Crops. Flybird is focusing on these tasks and automating the entire processes and bring in the precise Irrigation and Fertigation to any Farms

Quality Objectives

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Immediate Action on Customer Complaints
  • On-time Delivery
  • Continual Improvement of Process


"To become a leader in Smart Agricultural solution providers by promoting sustainability and saving natural resources."


"To provide best world-class technology in smart agricultural solutions at affordable cost for farmers there by improving standard of living."

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