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Sewage Treatment Plant

Nano Bubbles Bangalore Pvt Ltd
Last Updated On 13 January 2021
Product USP
  • Saves 60% to 70% freshwater
  • Produces water fit for recycling/reuse at site exceeding discharge water specifications.
  • Needs 70% less land - eliminates the need for underground civil tanks and big civil works
  • Has 30% low Capex and 70% Low OPEX
  • Execution of projects can be started in weeks rather than months or years.
Quick Summary
Product Category
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Above 50000
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Contact Number     9901584461
Contact Email    grmanjunath54@gmail.com
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148/10,16th main BSK-Ist stge
Product Description

Water shortage has hit all parts of the world -Cities & Rural areas equally. In India, solving Water Problem can add 1% to GDP. It can boost agriculture, industry & create large employment, both directly & indirectly. Today, all Water Bodies: Lakes, Rivers, Streams & Borewells are highly contaminated.  Treating Water at the source will lead to healthy Water bodies resulting in improved Sanitation & Health benefits to all. It also restores flora & fauna who are natural partners along with Human beings. A lot of times, effort & money are wasted by all in procuring Water, an essential commodity. Rural people travel miles & miles to access Wate, whereas Cities procure Tanker Water from distant bore wells at a high price, hence, solving this problem will make life pleasant by eliminating drudgery, effort, time & money.


Waste Water treatment system consists of 3 distinct stages:-

  • Primary treatment where all solids are removed by multiple-stage filtration system so that later stage treatment is easy.
  • Secondary treatment consists of using micro & nanobubbles in fixed bed media with a consortium of bacteria immobilized.
  • Tertiary treatment where the AOP oxidation process is carried out to disinfect the water completely.

The disinfected water is non-potable & non-contact fit for reuse/recycle. It can replace water for flushing, agriculture/horticulture, car-washing, and groundwater recharging


Product Applications:

The product can be applied to any kind of situation where a large number of people are staying & invariably consuming Fresh Water & produce wastewater. Eg: Urban areas-Apartment Complexes produce large quantities of wastewater & procure freshwater by tanker from long distances. In rural areas, only 4% of wastewater is treated, hence the need for water treatment is more in those areas. Their Product can solve multiple problems like Wastewater Treatment, Sanitation, Sludge Removal, Water for Toilets, Water for Agriculture, Water for Ground Recharge/Conservation, etc., Even in remote areas without power& infra-structure like Hilly areas, Deserts, etc., the product can be applied with Renewable/Solar Energy.



  • It is fully automated.
  • Daily 30 minutes of operator attention required for cleaning & supervision.
  • Remote Monitoring can be done during the remaining time.
  • Data is available On-line

About Nano Bubbles Bangalore Pvt Ltd

Wastewater treatment and freshwater crises are twin existential threats to Humanity. India with 16% of the global population and only 4% freshwater resources is sitting on a time bomb. Nanobubble's unique solution is able to connect both the problems and solve them with a single solution. The novel technology based on Micro & Nanobubble based technology is able to produce treated water for recycling and reuse at the site which can save 60-70% freshwater used for toilet flushing, agriculture, washing, construction, etc. Savings in water bills themselves will pay for its own investment within 4-5 years. It has 30% low CAPEX and 70% low OPEX. Based on the DeWWTs - Decentralized wastewater treatment technology, it is a game-changer. The technology also provides an affordable solution to rural/remote areas as geographical and financial limitations showcase the sorry state of affairs for them to execute centralized systems.


VISION: To be a World leader in Waste Water Treatment for Recycle/Reuse at Site for Sustainability.


MISSION: To reach out to all segments of the society, so that Waste Water Treatment of Fresh Water Crises are solved.


STRATEGY: To continuously Innovate & Commercialize the most cost-effective technologies in Waste Water Treatment.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

The corporates use large quantities of water for their day-to-day operations and it becomes a recurring cost just like salaries, power, etc. Since the product can be located in every part of the country and the corporates not only have social responsibilities from the commercial objective of profitability, leading to a conflict of interest; but also have access to in house water resources/bore wells which need to be judiciously used, Nano bubble’s technology offers a solution to achieve both profits as well as fulfill social obligations in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner. Hence the Product can be utilized by NGO partners who are working in the water and sanitation area at the grass-root level to execute their projects and those projects can be supported by Corporates working under the sanitation, water, agriculture or rural development category.

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