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Soil Moisture Indicator (SMI)

Tech Source Solutions
Last Updated On 30 June 2022
Product USP
  • By proper irrigation scheduling with SMI, farmers can increase the yield
  • Indicates the moisture status instantly with colored LEDs
  • Measures the moisture status up to 1 foot (30 cm)
  • NGOs and the World Bank have successfully implemented SMI in various corporate projects
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Vinay Krishna C
Contact Number     9035067427
Contact Email    info@techsourcesolutions.in
Organisation Address
3M 404 East of NGEF layout Ramamurthy Nagar
Product Description

Soil Moisture Indicator is an irrigation scheduling tool developed for the farmer's community. It is a low-cost and instant tool, in which before irrigation farmers can check the soil to know if irrigation is required for the crop. Farmers will be able to check the moisture at the root zone up to 1 foot (30 cm). SMI has different colored LEDs depending on the moisture in the soil; a particular colored LED will indicate the moisture status. The tool is portable and handy which makes it convenient to check at multiple locations.

Working - The Instrument consists of sensor rods, a push switch, and colored LEDs. For the farmer to check the soil moisture status of the soil. He has to insert SMI into the soil to a required depth based on the effective root depth of the plant to assess the soil moisture. Push the switch and one of the colored LEDs will glow suggesting to the farmer when he can schedule the irrigation. Four different colored LEDs are available to indicate the status of the moisture.

Table for reading the soil moisture status from instrument:


Colour of LED

Soil Moisture Status



Ample Moisture

No need for irrigation


Sufficient Moisture

Immediate irrigation may not be necessary


Low Moisture

Irrigation advisable


Very Low Moisture

Immediate Irrigation necessary

About Tech Source Solutions

Tech Source Solutions is involved in the manufacture of Instant and Low-cost Soil Moisture indicators (SMI) for Farmers. SMI has been manufactured under the license of ICAR-SBI, Coimbatore since 2015. It has been our success story in terms of supporting farmers all over the country through various KVK’s, ICAR Labs, NGO’s, World bank projects, Sugar mills, Agri-institutes, and other organizations. NGOs and the World Bank have successfully implemented SMI in various corporate projects. For Corporates working for the development of the farmer's community, it will be a good tool for farmers helping them in conserving water, energy and saving time. We have received the following:

  • First Prize for Best Innovation in Water Conservation at the National Water Awards 2020 organized by the Ministry of Jal Shakti.
  • TERI-IWA-UNDP Water Sustainability Award – 2021.

Vision Our Vision is to see people use innovative tools in enhancing their life.

Mission – Our mission is to see farmers use the latest and innovative tools in the day-to-day activities of farming.

The Goal of the organization Our goal is to support our users with tools and devices which increase their productivity in their profession.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Soil Moisture Indicator (SMI) has been developed to support Farmers in guiding the irrigation schedule for the crops. After various studies and observations by different KVK's and NGOs, they have suggested SMI to the farmers in adopting their crops. This helps them in understanding when to irrigate the crop. Helping them in water conservation, time, and energy.

Tech Source Solutions has been manufacturing Instant and Low-cost soil moisture indicators for farmer's communities since 2015. We have been Supporting our SMI to Farmers, NGOs, Agri-institutes, KVK's, ICAR Labs, Sugar Mills, and others helping them in conserving water.