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Students and Teachers Empowerment Program in Science - School Classroom Laboratory Boxes: Syllabus Compatible

Last Updated On 27 July 2021
Product USP
  • Support to the school curriculum with curriculum compatible activities for grades 5-10 and for any boards CBSE, SSC, ICSE, IB, IGCSE
  • Available in English and other state languages
  • Low cost, replicable models. Re-usability makes the model most affordable.
  • Dedicated to large scale change
  • High success rate and accountability through post-implementation audit
  • Includes all Non-Perishable materials required to perform each experiment taught through the official curriculum.
  • Lab in the classroom concept saves teacher’s valuable time of taking students out of the class
  • Compatibility to World Standards
  • Inculcating interest and in-depth understanding in science & technology education while acquiring grades.
  • If an entire district is adopted, enables the transformation of the science ecosystem of a district
  • Empowering youth for tomorrow by next-generation technology knowledge
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Swapna Shah
Contact Number     7378395909
Contact Email    wanowarie.pune@kitucate.com
Organisation Address
No. 2, 4A- Indraprasta Nagar Housing Society Gadital, Hadapsar
Product Description

The Objective of Kitucate’s Learning System: 

With the objective to prepare K12 students of India to be able to compete with the global world in the digital era by supporting quality of education to ensure that children not only develop an interest in science & technology but also apply the learned principles in real life. Kitucate empowers the educators and the students with the high-quality experiential learning experience of next-generation science & technology concepts leading to earning a living and innovation. They work with the local NGOs to empower teachers, schools, and ultimately students by transforming the memory-based education system into an interactive and activity-based method.


Product Composition: STEPS (Students Teachers Empowerment Program in Science) is based on below core pillars -

  • Textbooks – Manual specially designed for each course
  • Kits – 500+ experiments – gathered in a box per grade i.e. truly compatible with the school curriculum providing hands-on learning to students.
  • Videos and resources – for every concept of science and technology
  • Classroom – Encourages group discussions
  • e-Laboratory platform – A platform for educators and students for 24X7 access of resources like presentations, experiments, video library, assessments


How a School is benefited through the Education Project

  • At Kitucate’s evidence-based program, they work towards the scientific transformation of a community. This program can be identified as a rural community development project.  
  • At schools, greater student interaction is encouraged through well-researched programs that are not only contextual to the school textbook curriculum but also focuses on the thorough understanding of scientific concepts along with inculcating interest in science and technology education while acquiring grades.
  • Under the local NGO Education Project, village school teachers get empowered to transform Education System in India.

About Kitucate

Kitucate is the Educational Specialist, providing the kit based science education in India with kitted lessons for children of different age groups studying in any boards to help them not only score higher in exams but also getting a deep understanding about the subjects. Kitucate has developed a System of Learning that is based on the five Pillars - Text Book, Kits, Videos, Classroom Teaching by optimising the world standard learning right at your door steps.


Vision & Mission

Mission: To support the quality of education & ensure that children not only develop interest in Science & Technology but also apply the learnt principles in real life.


Purpose: To empower the educators and the students with high quality experiential learning experience of next generation Science & Technology concepts leading to innovation.  


Aim: To stimulate the exploring capabilities among the K-12 students and to enable them to carry out self-directed experiments in various disciplines of next generation science and technology with subjects vital for current life: such as 3D printing, Software coding, Electronics, Alternate Energy, Health, Robotics, AI, etc. Assembled product can be used in real life.


What makes the organization unique?

Kitucate's system is a well defined product line covering every aspect of hands-on Science learning as per the VARK (Visual, auditory, reading/writing & kinesthetics) model makes their offerings suitable to all the students.


Kitucate at a Glance:

  • They understand the future requirements and how to shape up current education system.
  • They are not just a vendor who supplies required resources, but stand behind our ideas throughout the entire process.
  • The program is implemented at about 750 schools with more than 850 teachers trained benefitting over 2 lakh students. This program is appreciated by the education minister of Gujarat.
  • Their 24 hours online digital platform can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
  • This entire combination makes Kitucate program unique & best suit for all.
Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

At the school level, there is a need for hands-on science learning that leads to meeting the impacts of the knowledge economy. We must "Begin at the Beginning“ i.e. at school ages 6 to 18. This will give rise to Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technical Ability for new job.


Time for action is: NOW 

  • No. of Schools (Recognized): 1.5 Millions
  • No. of school students age 6-16: 294.3 Million. (about 22% of India’s population)
  • To reach to the huge market and to bring about a large-scale change, collaborating with corporates with a similar interest will be helpful.

Kitucate will be the implementing partner for executing this project and will ensure the last mile delivery. The final beneficiary i.e., the school students will be thus prepared for the technologically advancing world.


Kitucate’s proven program ensures the utilization of grants providing the desired output by -

  • Teacher’s training program
  • Supply of all required materials
  • Well defined audit system
  • Impact assessment study and report to corporate

The above-proven process ensures the success and desired result.

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