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SynergyConnect - Social Integrated Platform

Synergy Connect Data Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 19 April 2023
Product USP

SynergyConnect help NGOs and CSR organizations to seamlessly integrate all their operational and administrative functions under a single digital umbrella, allowing the users to do more with less efforts, minimal expenses and improve the returns on social investment.

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Monitor progress towards achieving sustainability goals and meet reporting compliance requirements.

Simplified Management of CSR Activities: Centralized location for managing and tracking CSR initiatives. Ensures that everything is in one place for easy access.

Improved & Increased Efficiency: 

Automation of manual processes and streamlining workflows, helps significantly improve efficiency. Frees up valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards other important CSR initiatives.

Enhanced Reporting: Provides detailed reporting on CSR goals, spends, activities and impact.

Improved Collaboration: Single Software for all Stakeholders and functions.  Improves alignment towards a common goal and helps to avoid duplication of efforts.

Increased Transparency: Enables to communicate their CSR efforts and progress to stakeholders, helps to build trust and credibility among stakeholders.

Scalability and Flexibility: One can start with a single module and then grow as needed by adding more modules to create an integrated platform.

Technical and Program support:  We offer support and hand-holding through our helpdesk and ticketing tool.

Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Contact Number     9321188638
Contact Email    surbhi@synergyconnect.in
Organisation Address
Clan House 161/A, 7th floor, near Bhakti Bhavan Chembur
Product Description

SynergyConnect is a Tech for Good company which offers Social Integrated Platform, as a SAAS Product. It caters to manage Fund, Projects and Impact for Non Profits and CSR Foundations. We help them achieve operational efficiency, compliance related due diligence and real time reporting through Digital Transformation. 

The platform has the following modules:

SynergyCSR : CSR Company Fund and Compliance Management :  Annual Action Plan, MCA Compliance,Disbursement Monitoring, Partner Management, CSR Reports and Dashboards

SynergyProjects : Project Life Cycle Management :Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring, LFA, Gannt Chart, Evaluation reports, Project Dashboard

SynergySurvey : Data Collection and Visualisation Tools : Create form, Assign, Collect data, follow up, Any languages. Assign to Project, Locations, Roles, Data builder integration

SynergyLMS : Learning Management System :  Multi Lingual with certification, online and offline 

SynergyWorks :Purchase Requisition, Vouchers, Vendors management, Social Assets mapping, People management 

SynergySkills : Skill to Livelihood Management : Mobilisation > Batch Management Assessment > Follow up > Placement 

SynergyImpact : Customised Applications :Process flow mapping, intervention data of thematic areas: Women Empowerment, Skills and Livelihood, Agriculture etc,  Reports and Dashboard towards Impact

Synergy Donor : End to End Donor Management :Leads > Prospects > Donor > MOU Management, Donor Profiling, Interaction & Fund Disbursement planning.

We also provide customised solutions based on requirements towards Impact Management and Assessment


For More Info....

About Synergy Connect Data Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Vision: To drive social sector growth based on trust, innovation and data-driven decision making.

Mission: To be the most trusted technology partner in the social sector, enabling clients to efficiently manage projects, measure impact and guide further social investments.

About Us: SynergyConnect for more than 7 years has been a trusted Digital transformation partner to more than 35 organisations in the Social Development sector. We help NGOs and CSR organizations to seamlessly integrate all their operational and administrative functions under a single digital umbrella, allowing the users to do more with less efforts and expenses and improve the returns on social investment. 

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Any organisation, who is a stakeholder in the Social Development Sector space can partner with SynergyConnect for managing their CSR Funds, Donors, Projects, Data to generate reports and dashboards towards Impact.

1. Despite the fact that we work on the latest technology, we dedicatedly work only for the development sector entities. We have great expertise in defining and implementing technology-driven benefits to social-sector entities.

2. Because we understand the social sector, all of our solutions are built to scale over time depending on how our social sector customers are comfortable with technology and their willingness to pay for it.

3. We don't just 'sell' software subscription, but we have a dedicated team that hand-holds our social sector customers to navigate the complexities of technology use till they get comfortable to use it on their own.

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