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Last Updated On 25 October 2017
Product USP
  1. Local language and state board aligned content across 5 different categories covering the entire spectrum of student’s learning
  2. Secure solution for tablet storage and charging
  3. Local language grade wise and subject wise assessments to monitor the learning levels of students on a periodic basis
  4. Periodic auto sync of all reports that enable anytime anywhere impact assessment thereby maximising the social ROI
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Above 50000
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Rohit Prakash
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C-505, Unitech Business Zone, Nirvana Country, Sector 49-50
Product Description

TABLAB is a tablet based interactive learning solution custom designed for underserved students from rural and government schools.  We leverage the familiarity of students in rural areas to touch based devices and their affinity to engaging animation and game based content to deliver long term life shaping impact.

Under TABLAB, tablets are pre loaded with local language and state board aligned multimedia and play way app based content. Along with our tablet storage and charging solution, experiential training program, proactive support processes and periodic data sync to our cloud dashboard, TABLAB is able to drive regular usage amongst the students.

TABLAB shifts the thought process from a teacher centric solution to a student centric learning solution by transferring the technology from the hands of the teacher into the hands of an inquisitive and fearless child.

Key Features of TABLAB:

  1. Local language and state board aligned content covering the entire learning spectrum of the child
  2. Secure tablet storage and charging solution
  3. Grade wise local language assessments to periodically measure the learning levels of students
  4. Periodic sync of all usage and learning data onto our cloud dashboard for anytime anywhere impact assessment
  5. Baseline and endline impact assessment for more optimised social ROI
  6. TABLAB can be custom designed depending upon the requirements of the school or funder’s objectives

Some key points to note about TABLAB:

  1. 3 to 5 years of regular usage, learning outcomes and incremental impact potential to a large number of students with an affordable, one time investment
  2. Helps thousands of rural students enjoy learning, get digitally aware, gain career orientation and connect to future growth.
  3. Using Tab Lab, students become messengers of mobile powered digital literacy to their parents and community members, creating wide spread reach and impact associated to the funder’s brand 
  4. Strong sync with Govt of India’s vision and initiatives including Digital India, Digital Saksharta and National Digital Literacy mission.

Tab Lab becomes a pivot center for the rural communities to experience mobile powered learning, facilitated by your organization. 

Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project – Name of the Partner : TABLAB for a Wind Energy Company

A wind energy company with plant locations in Jamnagar and Nakhatrana in Kutch Gujarat entrusted iDream Education to set up tablet based learning infrastructure for their target government schools, in order to deliver enjoyable and student centric learning in their local language and ensure genuine improvements in their learning levels and attitude towards education.

Our student centric design of TABLAB has ensured regular usage and the students now love coming to school for learning on tabs. All schools have reported an increase in the average daily attendance from 73% to 95%. Over the period of last 1 year, regular usage, hassle free storage and maintenance is leading to a consistent improvement in the learning levels of the children.

Also, the teachers greatly appreciate the value that the Tab Lab added to their life, becoming an assistant to them in delivering personalized learning in all situations that happen at government schools and increasing their teaching efficiency manifold.

Tab Labs have been setup at six government schools, three in Jamnagar and three in the Kutch region in Gujarat.

The schools have Gujarati language as the primary mode of learning and follow the Gujarat state board.  The entire content across multiple categories including multimedia animations, play way apps and impact assessments were delivered as per the Gujarat State Board. 

About iDream Education

iDream Education is a social impact ed-tech organization, which specializes in student centric digital literacy via tablet and mobile devices.

We design, develop and implement tablet powered digital learning projects with local language multi-media content and play way learning apps aligned to state boards for government schools and affordable private schools in rural and semi urban parts of our country.

With seven years of experience and research in digital learning for government schools, we deeply align our solutions to the psychology of all the stakeholders of the govt education ecosystem and therefore break open the usage and impact barrier.

We have been executing CSR projects for school education and researching the best of high impact learning solutions since five years. A brief video below highlights why student centric learning environment in a school will transform rural education system in India.

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