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Tare Zameen Par (Mobile planetarium and lab on wheels)

Varnaaz Technologies
Last Updated On 13 December 2019
Product USP
  • Imersive Learning Environment
  • Audiovisual 3D content
  • Potable kit
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Contact Number     9902033946
Contact Email    dinesh@varnaaz.com
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52, 9th Main Road Banashankari Stage II, Banashankari
Product Description

Immersive Learning Techniques are proven to be the best pedagogy of teaching as prescribed by the international Educational Scientists. Dome based learning is one such effective method of learning which is mobile and easy to be set up in all places with very less effort and time. As the CapEx involved in setting up such infrastructure which involves domes/projectors/High-quality content/Audi video equipment/software is quite high, not every school can afford to own or build them on their own.


  • Customised Vans to carry the equipment to the remote places. 
  • Inflatable domes which are easy to be set up  
  • High-End Fish Eye Lens Projectors for creating 360 viewing angle
  • State of the art Audiovisual content for creating an immersive learning environment
  • Indigenous content in both English and Hindi (Local Indian Languages)
  • Special Features of the Product


A short movie to shown while kids wait to enter the dome depicting nature truths and superstitions.


Special Features of the Product

Varnaaz Technologies is a start-up with an idea to ensure the benefits of technologies reach the people at the bottom of the pyramid. To enhance the quality of life of people living in rural India and the world by connecting them with the right resources, technological services and tools.


Our idea of touching the lives of people at the grassroots level evolves from the very fact that we come from the same background and have been ideating in evolving technology-based solutions in core sectors like education.


  • Immersive learning, edutainment kit which can be used to educate school kids who are deprived of access to planetariums situated in metros. 
  • Tourists, people from the rural area an educated using multilingual audiovisual 3D content which can cover a range of topics from science to world history, culture to tourism, health awareness to public awareness
  • The whole kit can be packed in a suitcase and can be carried to the most remote places in India using high tech customized vans with minimum resources and cost


About Varnaaz Technologies

Vision: Our vision is to create the next level of the talent pool for India's next level of growth.


Mission: to create curiosity about Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics subjects through immersive and experiential learning so that it enhances the learning process.


Special Features of the Organization

What makes your organization unique organizations Technologies has adopted a very innovative method of using an inflatable dome based education to Virtually create and immersive learning environment for kids to learn highly complex science subjects this organization has already reached more than 7 lakh students in the rural area the reach that we have in rural India make a stand unique.


Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

India's growth in the last two to three decades was because of the quality of talent it produced in the next few decades Science Technology Engineering and mathematics careers are going to play highly crucial role for Once growth in economics so India has to be ready with next level of talent to meet this Global need India bites demography most of the people live in rural India and that is where there is a huge hunger for growth as well as learning we as an organization committing ourselves to social sector have reached more than 7 lakh students in the last two and half years we have 12 mobile bands where we carry in machine learning tools and experiential learning Labs to last miles and excite students using this innovative technology we stand unique in terms of the reach to rural India.


For more information, please visit Link.

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The concept is completely integrated and has been successfully delivered to school students across....
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