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Tech Class

D Square Corporation
Last Updated On 24 January 2020
Product USP
  • Turnkey Basis Project
  • Robust Onsite Service
  • LT ( Tech Class Literacy Training ) for Static & Dynamic Content
  • New Technology Hardware
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Hardik Y. Chokshi
Contact Number     7600020543
Contact Email    business.d2s@gmail.com
Organisation Address
708, Akik Tower Near Pakwan cross road, Bodakdev
Product Description

Tech Class offers teacher-led interactive multimedia learning solutions for classes Kindergarten to 12th (K-12). The program complements the existing CBSE, ICSE and various Gujarat State Board curriculum with rich age-appropriate media elements to make the learning experience in classrooms exciting, meaningful and enjoyable - translating into learning that delivers measurable outcomes for students and teachers. Tech-Class has built an enviable track record of reaching out to more than 500+ schools in Gujarat in the last 2 years and empowering over 1.5 Lac students. The vast repository of age-appropriate media and content makes

Tech-Class highly impressionable. As a Student-Centric solution, it offers interactive multimedia learning repository for all classes (K-12), allowing students to play a collaborative role in learning. As a Teacher-led solution, it provides rich content as well as the system to enable a participative instructor-led learning experience supported by strong media. Teachers are empowered to integrate dynamic and static content using a single application, which helps to create powerful learning environments for the students.

  • Under the CSR project, L & T had installed 51 Tech-Class in 10 schools in the South Gujarat region in 2018 and also installed 102 Tech Class in 23 Schools in 2019 ( with New Technology ).
  • Under the CSR project – Gyankunj, Welspun had installed 100 Tech-Class in 50 Schools with Content and usage report with 2 year onsite services in Anjar, Dahej & Gandhidham Region from Gujarat.


Redefining modern age teaching with digital Tech Class solution

Tech Class – An innovative and intuitive digital solution for enhanced learning with an interactive board, whiteboard, Short/Long Throw DLP Projector, Speakers, etc. Designed to tap into the dynamics of the classroom we enable teachers and schools to build a healthy and engaging learning environment.


We aim to redefine the modern age teaching with new modes of learning and innovative path-breaking solutions. We just don’t focus on new technologies, we focus on what the technology blended with solutions can do for students and teachers to make learning deeper, more immediate, and powerful. 

  • Classroom-friendly Hardware
  • High definition 2D /3D content as per the curriculum.
  • TLT ( TechClass Literacy Training ):- We strongly believe that enabled teachers can impart teaching-learning experiences effectively. In TLT, teachers receive holistic inputs to synergies Tech-Class into their teaching methodology. Along with the solution training, the teachers are provided basic ICT training.
  • Robust Onsite services
  • Implementation: - We offer premium implementation & service of Tech Class on a turnkey basis at the school’s doorstep.


Tech-Class is a combination of multimedia, hardware & services. It is a highly intuitive learning solution with content mapped to CBSE, ICSE& various other state boards and packed with rich 2D/3D media elements.


About D Square Corporation

Our presence in each of the education verticals is marked with technology-enabled products, high-quality people, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value.


Founded in 2016, D-Square Solution is a mission-driven consulting and innovative product-based company revolutionizing the education system in India. It is an innovative initiative to enrich children's lives with interactive education services that Inspire-Engage-Prepare them for 21st-century skills. With a comprehensive suite of instructional solutions, smart products, and end-to-end consulting, we aim to use emerging technologies to improve education for children through interactive learning. From pre-school toddlers to competitive high school students, from core curriculum subjects at the school level to vocational and employability skills for young adults; D Square Solution reaches out to the entire education life cycle. 

Empowering a collaborative and constructivist approach in combination with digital learning techniques, smart products, and advanced strategies, we strive to offer innovation, scalability, and affordable solutions to the education community.


Vision:-  To accomplish enabling K12 stakeholders and CSR corporate with holistic education opportunities thus consistently improving the quality of education as a social commitment towards the community

Mission:- We aim to become one of the leading education consultants by facilitating inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities to uplift society.

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Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

From KG to PG, from curriculum planning to vocational and employability skills, D-Square Solution is helping every child, as well as young adults, thrive and create a future! Know why you should choose D-Square Solution.


  • Turnkey Education Consultant:- We bring a solid holistic outlook, integrated approaches, and co-created solutions along with hardware for all your digital Education requirements 
  • Quality Products:-  We provide a wide range of quality digital solutions suiting all your organizational requirements. We customize our interactive solution as per your need
  • Affordable Prices:- We strive to provide all our bespoke products & services at affordable prices to help stakeholders create a remarkable future
  • Professional Services:- We are here to deliver excellence. Right from understanding your requirement, to providing hardware solutions along with proper product consulting, we ensure 100% satisfactory services 
  • Customer Support:- We provide proper tech support along with hardware integration to help our clients use digital solution without any flaws


As the founder of D-Square Solutions, Hardik Choksi comes with a decade of experience in the education domain and brings innovative ideas to the table to transform the education life cycle.

Having worked with leading corporates and K-12 industry leaders, he yearns to create and implement digital classroom learning, curriculum management solutions, and organizational strategies to innovate the industry. 


D Square Solution is extremely passionate about children’s education and believes that every child should be exposed to digital education in this 21st century to reach their full potential and walk hand-in-hand with the rapidly changing world. It comprehensively works with discerning clients across the country to understand their problems and then leverage multidisciplinary services to develop successful solutions. With his holistic constructivist approach, he has endeavored ground-breaking success with touching the lives of around 5 Lac+ students and collaborating with more than 350 institutes.

CSR projects of product

Tech Class ( Digital Classroom / Smart Class )
Project Type: CSR
Under the CSR project, L & T had installed 51 Tech-Class in 10 schools in the South Gujarat regi....
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Project Type: CSR
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Project Type: CSR
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