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The Bhungroo Water Management System

Naireeta Services Private Limited.
Last Updated On 15 June 2018
Product USP
  • Increse in land productivity 
  • Low capital investment
  • Guaranteed high agriculture output & soil fertility for next 30 years
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Trupti Jain
Contact Number     9925007097
Contact Email    trupti@naireetaservices.com
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B7 Aditya Flats, Opp Rusabh Society Fatehpura, Paldi
Product Description

Drought is a serious issue in the western Indian state of Gujarat, particularly for underprivileged female farmers whose livelihood depends on the monsoon. Limited rainfall in the state leads to water logging in peak cropping season. For the rest of the year, farmers experience severe water scarcity. But thanks to a life-changing technology, poor farmers are now converting crises into opportunities.

Bhungroo is a water management system that injects and stores excess rainfall underground and lifts it out for use in dry spells. Naireeta Services, a social enterprise, trains and empowers women to run and monitor Bhungroo. By curtailing desertification, the initiative helps women build resilience to climate change.

How it works

During the monsoon season

              Without Bhungroo                                             With Bhungroo

During the monsoon season, the Bhungroo system injects about 15,000 cm of run-off rainwater into an underground reservoir. This prevents salt deposits on top soil, which are caused by standing water after heavy rainfall.

During the dry season

Bhungroo               Without Bhungroo                                              With Bhungroo                                                                  

The underground reservoir can hold as much as 40 million litres of rainwater enabling communities to continue farming for seven to eight months.

Recent Projects and Users

To be updated soon.

About Naireeta Services Private Limited.

Naireeta Services is a social enterprise, headed by Ashoka and Fulbright Scholars from India. It is working for eradicating of poverty in both urban and rural contexts. Its poverty eradication process dwells upon primary principle of upliftement of underprivileged members of both urban and rural societies with the support of globally acclaimed knowledge/technology.


Naireeta’s work in rural segment can be understood from various facets of its water technology usage e.g. disaster preparedness, food security, income generation and lastly for bottom of pyramids' (especially poor small landholding women farmers) knowledge based development. It is unique in the sense that Naireeta is successful to create an appropriate interfacing between one good technology and poorest poor women members of the society. In that interfacing, it is the knowledge based service delivery- which is consistently pursued. In other words it was followed the path of knowledge-inclusiveness. Along with unique technology and its unique positioning among bottom of Pyramids, the process of convincing unlettered women to understand and learn this technology (comprising of geology, soil science, geo hydrology and mechanical engineering) was a herculean task to achieve.


Naireeta services believe to emancipate 20 million poor woman farmers from abject poverty and food insecurity by concerted promotion of Bhungroo along with commune agriculture process under women leaderships in drainage affected areas across the globe.

In scaling up of this whole process, Naireeta services have made an informed choice of keeping the knowledge within public domain. This decision is based on a consequentialist moral tenet of creating a society that epitomizes equality, freedom and opportunities. It is near to Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of bringing Gram Swaraj.

For more information please visit the link.

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