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Tilt Bikes

Last Updated On 10 April 2020
Product USP
  • Designed for the B2B space 
  • Both docked & dockless offerings 
  • Strong focus on gamification
  • Deep integration with the ecosystem 
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Deepak VS
Contact Number     9600578330
Contact Email    deepak@tilt.bike
Organisation Address
4th Floor, Digital Impact Square
Product Description

A solution for sharable mobility called Tilt, which is a pool of shareable bikes, where a customer can borrow a bike from a Tilt station by scanning a QR code from the app or by using a smart card that would be provided to them. Once they are done using the bike, the customer may return the bike at any Tilt station and complete their trip. Currently, their bikes are being used in cities, corporate campuses, and townships across India

About Tilt

Unlike most shared mobility startups in India, Tilt is a B2B2c company that works with enterprises, corporations, and townships, which use its system to deploy bikes. Employees or residents can unlock the bikes with their ID cards. 


Tilt’s fleet is, what the founder calls, “a heterogeneous mix” of cycles, e-cycles, e-scooters, shuttle buses, and so on. He says, “Every administration and campus has a different need. It cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Different users have different needs across different weather conditions.” 



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Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Tilt has designed a unique patent-pending docking mechanism for bicycle sharing. The technology is modular in nature, incredibly low cost, simple to install and easy to maintain. Every Tilt deployment is focused at ensuring that it is meaningful and valuable to the ecosystem and sustainable on the long term. Having piloted extensively in their first year and a half, Tilt is currently scaling up in ecosystems across the country.

CSR projects of product

Tilt Bikes
Project Type: CSR
Tilt is India's only B2B bike-share platform. We work closely with campuses to make amazing customiz....
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