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Unipads India Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 11 March 2024
Product USP
  • Utilise Upto 12+ Months
  • Healthy
  • Affordable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Powerful Soaking With Wings
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Geeta Solanki
Contact Number     9924116208
Contact Email    geeta@unipads.in
Organisation Address
202, Primate Complex, Opp. Mother Milk Palace, Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev,
Product Description
  • High in quality and low cost, these reusable sanitary pads are built with a highly absorbent layer free from chemicals and lined with a leak proof layer. It comes with an easy to carry, store and compact (leak-proof) carry bag. 
  • 1 Unipads Kit consists of 3 Maxi pads, 1 Super Maxi Pad and 1 leak proof storage pouch 
  • Unipads come with an Arid top layer which has powerful soaking capacity, has a anti-drip layer on the border, easy foldable sides, snap buttons to secure the wings around the underwear and a leak proof layer for a mess free period. 
  • Each pad is lab tested for its durability and absorbency. The pad can easily last for 4-6 hours on regular period days. 
  • These pads are affordable, healthier, environment friendly and a sustainable option. 

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About Unipads India Pvt. Ltd.

Unipads is a social business established to tackle the issue of period poverty at the grass root level. We are specialised in manufacturing and distribution of reusable cloth sanitary pads which are made of cloth and can be used for over a year. These cloth pads are affordable, convenient and hygienic for women across all segments of the society. 


We have designed an inclusive model for marginalised women where pads are manufactured by rural women, thus keeping the manufacturing costs low and providing employment opportunities to village women. These products reach the marginalised women through collaborations with multiple charities, NGOs, CSRs or  other organisations sharing similar vision. While distributing the products our MHM experts also train the beneficiaries in MHM, good practices, dos & don'ts, product care instructions and other relevant knowledge thus promoting an open discussion on the subject to address the taboos and myths around menstruation. 


To make Unipads available in rural and semi urban areas of the country, we identify and empower women from different villages or semi urban areas who become our agents of change - "Kalyani". Each Kalyani is trained on MHM and other aspects of sales. This model ensures employment opportunities to these village level enterpreneurs.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Unipads’ vision is  to tackle the issue of period poverty at the grass root level and to empower rural village women to uplift their economic status. 


At Unipad's state of the art manufacturing unit in Jamnagar district of Gujarat, 356+ underprivileged women from the hinterland are provided employment. A steady income of Rs.10,000 brings a sustainable change to their families. Otherwise unskilled farm laborers, these women are now skilled trained workers with their own identity. 

The product and business model of Unipads have been making a significant impact. Over 90 thousand women & girls have benefited from Free menstrual hygiene management awareness events, seminars and training workshops. Unipads has partnered with over 112 national and international organizations who share a similar vision of fighting period poverty.  Globally 18 million Unipads have been supplied, reducing generation of solid waste. Many women from the deep, remote areas of the state have been provided training and capacity building enabling them to generate their own livelihood.

Being one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers of reusable cloth sanitary pads in India, Unipads is now a one-stop solution for all the requirements for women’s personal hygiene needs including cotton undergarments, period panties, menstrual cups and other sustainable personal hygiene products. 


Unipads we are keen to partner with organisations sharing similar vision of eradicating period poverty along with promoting open conversation around 

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