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ViShruti- A Smart Eyewear for Visually differently-abled

Ayata Intelligence Private Limited
Last Updated On 27 March 2019
Product USP
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence
  • Encourages collaboration & Data sharing
  • Less expensive compared to competitors
  • Real time & fast processing of data
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Shreyas Upasane
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ViShruti is a smart eyewear with assistive artificial intelligence capabilities for the visually differently-abled. It aims to bring visually differently-abled to the mainstream society thus uplifting them to lead an independent and digitally connected life. It was act as a trusted companion for the visually differently-abled by assisting them to:

- Scene Understanding

- Object Detection

- Indoor Navigation

- Color Detection

- Facial & Expression Identification

The product uses bone conduction technology for audio feedback and hence can be also used by people with prevailing deaf-blindness condition. The use of audio cues also reduces the overall cognitive load on the working memory of the visually differently-abled.

Why Vishruti

The current market solutions that address the visually differently-abled are either basic in nature with limited functionality, are bulky, expensive or does not utilize data efficiently.

The following are the ways in which the product is different:

1. Use Artificial Intelligence

2. Encourages collaboration & data sharing

3. Less expensive compared to competitors

4. Real time & fast processing of data

Recent Projects and Users

To be updated soon.

About Ayata Intelligence Private Limited

Ayata Intelligence strives to create products and services that create a positive impact by leveraging the benefits of Artificial intelligence, computer vision and Machine learning. Company's concept for autonomous mapping and navigation is novel and their proof-of-concept solidifies this with its predictive accuracy of over 90%. Therein lies immense potential to integrate this algorithm into different disruptive ideas to create products in varied verticals.

Their 1st product ViShruti which is an IoT based wearable smart device:

  • Empowers the visually challenged to lead an independent digitally connected life;
  • Provides real time processing capabilities;
  • Has built in Artificial intelligence capabilities;
  • Has a fashionable and stylish form factor;
  • Has long battery life;
  • Is cost effective.

For more information please visit the Link.


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