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Virtual Doctor Consultation

DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd
Last Updated On 16 August 2018
Product USP
  • User friendly application for online consultation
  • Robust and secure web and mobile application
  • Ease to deploy and low maintenance
  • Data is encrypted and securely stored
  • Customizable as per requirement
  • All medical record and medical history are captured and stored
  • Ready to deploy at any location
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Rahul Paith
Contact Number     +91 9177688611
Contact Email    rahul.paith@doconline.com
Organisation Address
PSR Prime Tower, Gachibowli Beside DLF Cyber City
Product Description

DocOnline Healthcare is an ‘online doctor consulting’ platform for preventive/non-emergency medical care. It allows members to consult with certified and experienced doctors through audio/video calls or chat facilities by simply using a smart phone or the web from anywhere and at anytime – as per the convenience.

Special Features of the Product

  1. Consultation with experience doctors
  2. Consult through Web Application, Android and iOS platform
  3. Consult through help line number from ordinary phone
  4. Unlimited Video, Audio consultation and Chat
  5. Family is also covered in 1 subscription
  6. Order medicines through the app (delivered from MEDPLUS) 
  7. Book diagnostic Tests through the app
  8. Ability to setup virtual clinic and mobile unit
  9. Maintain patient data


Recent Projects and Users

Common Service Centre (CSC), A Central Government Outfit

  1. It is a central government initiative to provide health care for the rural people. Govt. run various Common Service Centre to serve different facilities for the population in remote location. DocOnline is a partner who takes care health care segment. Doconline provide e consultation solution to the needy person or those who are visiting for their health care requirements. DocOnline has set up a virtual clinic in different Common Service Centre and providing online consultation through its platform, patients are receiving prescription after consultation.
  2.  People in rural area are also connected with MIC registered and experienced doctor from their location. It is cost effective and convenient healthcare solution.

About DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd

Vision: Through a combination of technology, and computer intelligence, create health care plans that are available to all people on their terms.


Mission: Our Mission is to contribute to health and well-being of every patient by providing the best Healthcare services while redefining the Patient – Doctor interaction delivered on digital technology platform and processes, so that people live happier, healthier and lead more productive lives.  DocOnline aspires to achieve the following within 3 Years of its inception

  • Touching 2 million plus lives


What makes your organization unique?

  • Own platform to connect people with doctor
  • MCI approved Doctors with minimum 5 years of experience
  • Convenient consultation mode (Audio, Video and Chat)
  • We are the only ISO certified Telemedicine Company
  • Our presence is in PAN India
  • Easy access to doctors. Connect within15 Min through your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Simple and easy to use app offering top of the line care to the patients.
  • Privacy is our Top priority- We ensure this with top tier security and encryption technology
  • In very short period we close nearly 70 corporate, CSC and Govt. project
  • 60,000 paid subscribers serving 2,40,000 lives


Why should a corporate partner with your organization?

We can provide all related activities which help Corporate to conduct CSR funds.

  • Electronic Health Management,
  • Technology Solution,
  • Analytical Insights,
  • Infrastructure Solution
  • Clinical Solution,
  • Diagnostic services
  • Medicine delivery at the door step. 

Benefit for Employee

  • Unlimited consultation with doctors for all employees
  • Family of employees is also covered
  • Annual health check-up for your employees
  • Wellness sessions at your premises once every quarter by doctors
  • Order medicines through the app (delivered from MEDPLUS)



Benefit for Employer

  • Better CTC and benefits of attracting good candidates
  • Reduced sick leaves
  • Positive impact on Employee performance
  • Help employees save OPD cost and indirect (soft values) benefits for companies



Special Features: We have our own platform to connect Doctors and patients smoothly and follow all medical guide line for security purpose.

For more information please visit the Link.

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