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VisionSpring Eyeglasses

Last Updated On 22 November 2017
Product USP
  • Affordable eyewear
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Sulekha Rana
Contact Number     9711730631
Contact Email    Sulekha.rana@visionspring.org
Organisation Address
B-152, 3rd Floor, Sector 6,Noida
Uttar Pradesh
Product Description
  • Single Vision Reading Glasses Single magnification used to correct up-close vision required for reading, writing, computer use and detailed manual work. Perfect for the customer whose work demands precision and attention to fine details. Clients: artisans, metalworkers, book keepers
  • Bifocals Offer the same up-close vision correction as single vision reading lenses, but do not need to be removed for distance use. Ideal for someone too busy to remove glasses for distance vision. Clients: shopkeepers, drivers, multi-taskers
  • Prescription Glasses Customized lenses to correct a broad range of vision problems for customers of all ages. Vision entrepreneurs refer customers requiring prescription glasses to a local VisionSpring Optical Hub or partner hospital. Clients: school-aged children,
  • Photochromic UV protected lenses that gradually become darker in response to the level of light exposure. Offer indoor and outdoor functionality for customers who want an all-purpose lens. Clients: delivery persons, farmers
  • Protectors Provide UV protection from sun, wind, and debris for the prevention of Pterygium, cataracts, redness and irritation. For customers who prefer the look of regular glasses, but require the protection of sunglasses. Clients: drivers, contractors, professionals with prolonged periods outdoors
  • Sunglasses Provide protection from over-exposure to sun, wind and debris. A stylish option for those who do not require additional magnification. Perfect for customers who work outdoors. Clients: farmers, construction Workers

Recent Projects and Users

Visionspring has established four healthcare-center collaborations, in Panipat, Sonipat, Pratapgarh, and Shahdara. These collaborations are proving mutually beneficial: VisionSpring expands its market while their vision screenings act as triage points to identify and refer to collaborating facilities individuals in need of cataract treatment or other advanced care. As a result, for the first time in India the two leading causes of blindness—refractive error and cataracts—are being addressed concurrently

About VisionSpring

Dr. Jordan Kassalow founded VisionSpring, a not-for-profit international healthcare organization in 2001. VisionSpring aims to enable access to affordable eyecare for low-income individuals suffering from vision impairment in developing countries. VisionSpring partners with non-governmental organizations, governments, social enterprises and private businesses to distribute eyeglasses using their existing distribution channels. VisionSpring conducts targeted outreach in communities that have limited access to eye care. A vision campaign usually takes place at a school, church, or community center. VisionSpring sets up a temporary exam room to conduct vision screenings with a pop up shop outside that sells eyeglasses and protective sunglasses – we call this a vision campaign.
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