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Wooden Study/Work Table

Global Craft (KIDOZ)
Last Updated On 20 August 2020
Product USP
  • Ultra-Light Weight-Basic Table with Mobile stand Weighs 1.65 kgs (Even a 4-year-old child can easily carry it around)
  • Modular study table with a mobile stand (suited for completely hands-free video calls) 
  • Conceptualized, designed, and Made in India.  
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Siddharth Kumar Khaitan
Contact Number     9044044123
Contact Email    sid@globalcraft.in
Organisation Address
17-b (B) Dadanagar
Uttar Pradesh
Product Description

In the times of COVID, children are having to study from home and parents are having to work from home. At this time a space saver ergonomic work station is the need of the hour for the privileged and the underprivileged. The work station can be shifted from one room to another as per the convenience of the student/parent.

Hence Global Craft (KIDOZ) brings a range of study/work from home tables with optional storage for books and mobile stands to make handsfree video/audio calls.

Size & Specs

  • Full Size 17.75"X11.75". Height 7.5" (Stow away size 18"X12"X1") Extender piece 11.75"X11.75" 
  • Can take a weight of up to 8kgs. (a typical laptop weighs 3kgs)
  • Can be used on all surfaces like mattress, carpet/rug, or cemented/tiled floor.
  • The design ensures it doesn't shake while writing.
  • Never before seen design (ZERO hardware)
  • Assembly time 30-40 seconds
  • Comes in a handy carry carton with a plastic handle
  • Added functionality includes a Cup holder & Extension table
  • All material/design is compliant with EU specifications.

About Global Craft (KIDOZ)

Kidoz is a brand owned by Global Craft. Kidoz designs and manufactures Kids Room Accessories for newborn to 12-year-old children. Kidoz motto is "Bringing Cheers to Kidz Lives Always". We at KIDOZ, aim to have at least one Kidoz product in each child's room to brighten up their rooms and lives.

What makes KIDOZ unique is its styling, Child-friendly designs, good build quality at an economical price. This is achieved by having the right talent for creative design. Responsible raw material sourcing & manufacturing keeping the highest quality standards in mind. The costs are kept low by direct marketing to consumers.  

In the times of COVID, children are having to study from home and parents are having to work from home. KIDOZ brings a range of study/work from home tables for all children/adults rich/poor, urban/rural, pre-primary/Cl.12, girls & boys. Since it is extremely important in this prolonged period of home study/work from home to have an ergonomic solution. People lack the space to install big desks for each child/working parent. Kidoz Sit & Study tables come handy. Prices starting from Rs.250/- onwards. Product weight is 2.0kg to 3.5kg, it can be easily used/carried and stored even by a 4-year-old. The tables are foldable and can be stored away in any corner of the house like under the bed, along with a cupboard, or can be stacked. The tables also have a mobile stand keeping in mind the current requirement of Video calls for parent's work and children study.

For more information, please visit Link

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

We would like all the below-listed organizations to come forward and support this cause. Be a part of the Work/Study Ergonomic revolution. The product is unique, ergonomic, functionally suited to the times, cost-effective.

We would like to partner with

  • Corporates to gift to all their employees working from home.
  • SR of big corporate groups to sponsor underprivileged children. There are about 20 million such children in our country today.
  • Schools to promote to school children, since this is a direct deal with us (designers and manufacturers), the schools could get a great price for the product which is sold through our webpage.
  • Education ministries of State & Central Governments to include this as an approved CSR project and get corporate funding for the same. This could be the fastest way to reach out to maximum kids who don't have access to and the means to afford something as basic as an ergonomic study table.

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