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ZOWBiT- SMART Universal Zero Waste Bots powered by iOT

Uni B Solutions
Last Updated On 10 November 2020
Product USP
  • The machines utilize IoT on a secure virtual private network for real-time status monitoring
  • Uses Fuzzy Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence Algorithm 
  • Utilizing their MRO mobile APP to deploy local and qualified technicians to service machines that require maintenance or repairs
  • Analytics for Predictive Maintenance for seamless and uninterrupted waste-to-value operation.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Contact Number     8197579621
Contact Email    binu@unibsolutions.com
Organisation Address
#S/2, Building Lydia Gardens, Opp. P.W.D Office
Product Description

India’s beauty is tainted by its garbage is dumped everywhere. This is because current landfill solutions and garbage treatment plants are not capable of handling the types and amounts of waste being generated in India, as the amount of waste dumped in landfills exceeds their waste processing capacity. Hence, landfills are overflowing due to the current waste management process, and local governments are increasing the number of landfills as a solution. Also, existing contractors use manual methods for recycling, wherein waste pickers are hired to use their hands. This poses a severe health risk to the workers and surrounding residents, as they are constantly exposed to the garbage and poisonous gases emitted from the landfill.


To address this issue, a decentralized solution is required, by deploying smaller and modern technology that safely converts waste into renewable resources near its source and eliminates the accumulation of waste at landfills. 


Therefore,  Uni B proposes their universal zero waste machine named “ZOWBiT” (ZerOWaste Bots powered by IoT - Internet of Things), that converts municipal solid waste (MSW), biological, hospital, bio-medical waste (BMW), hazardous and industrial waste into renewable energy and resources within 24-hours. ZOWBiTcombines simplified disposal,automatic-segregation, disinfection, and safe elimination of ANY waste, along with improved waste-to-value generation and management using data analytics and artificial intelligence. This way, waste will never accumulate nor be exposed anywhere.ZOWBiT is compliant with the Central Pollution Control Board and adheres to the National Green Tribunal regulations. 


ZOWBiT does not use an incineration process to eliminate waste. Instead, it uses a 100% odorless “plasma pyrolysis” process, using a plasma torch, to safely convert daily waste into electricity and renewable resources at a high temperature maintained in an enclosed cracking chamber. 


ZOWBiT powers itself (self-sustaining), as it converts waste into energy, which is used to power its reactor to further process new waste fed into the machine. 


The Process is as follows:

  • Waste fed into the machine
  • Waste passed through high temperature generated by a plasma torch
  • Waste converted to synthetic gas (syngas) and slag (the material used for construction)
  • Syngas passed through a clean-up system
  • Syngas converted to generate electricity (to power itself)


ZOWBiT modules are small enough to fit inside existing landfills, waste-transfer centers, and campuses (such as hospitals, industrial & technology parks, and large housing complexes). Deploying ZOWBiTcan convert large amounts of municipal, biological, hospital, hazardous and industrial waste into electricity surplus that can power towns or can be used to charge e-vehicles.


Deploying ZOWBiTs not only complements Swachh Bharat and Make in India missions but also creates new and dignified jobs in the sanitation sector and contributes to a much-needed circular economy via its renewable resource generation from daily waste.

About Uni B Solutions

Uni B Solutions created the open-source UNiTY platform with 2 pending patents for IT, IoT, Data Analytics, and A.I., using a team in the US, Europe, and India. UNi B Solutions established Intuit Inc. as the company’s first client in its first year in business. UNi B Solutions identified and created 5 additional market use cases where the UNiTY platform can be applied


In 2017, the organization expanded its market into India by forming the startup UNi B Solutions AsiaPac PVT LTD, to support MAKE IN INDIA, to develop & apply the UNiTY platform for India's own Zero Waste Solutions as a Swachh Bharat, Smart City, Skill India, and Digital India combined mission, and to give back to India since it gave him his education.UNi B Solutions AsiaPac delivered pilots for Pune Smart City Development Corporation and conducted research in the states of Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, and for Goa Pollution Control Board. UNi B Solutions AsiaPac has also obtained Letters of Intents from clients who are interested in deploying UNi B Zero Waste Solutions to eliminate their daily waste at a services fee of Rs. 2500 per metric ton.


UNi B Solutions AsiaPac formed the UNi B Zero Waste Consortium of Strategic Alliance Partners, having Vellore Institute of Technology as its academia & research partner, Kankyo Cleantech as its industry partner, and UNi B being the local IT partner. All Consortium projects will ensure social & gender inclusion, and deliver internships from local universities for local talent and skill development for a nationwide deployment of UNi B Zero Waste Solutions

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Expected impacts on the proposed solution on environment, society, and economy are many, from eliminating hazardous pollution to ensuring zero transmission of the contagious virus, the product ensures an economically feasible model and is a job creator in engineering, manufacturing, green technology, and environmental industries. The Organization also offers internships through its university partners to establish a skilled workforce in India. Their solution contributes to a circular economy, via waste-to-value missions; by converting waster to valuable resources. They ensure social & gender inclusion using women team members and partnering with organizations that value gender equality/human rights and job creation to stimulate the national economy. 


As part of their mission, they will offer skills training for local woman entrepreneurs and final year students in rural areas (as interns), by conducting weekly training sessions and online awareness programs. With respect to this mission, sessions will cover areas in leadership, manufacturing, business, administration, gross domestic product, and education.

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