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iLUMY Solution

Doorastha Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 08 November 2019
Product USP
  • End-to-end monitoring of solar mini/micro-grids
  • demand forecasting
  • pre-paid collection
  • solution mapped to affordability
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Up to 100
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Doorastha Analytics
Contact Number     8586876221
Contact Email    doorasthaanalytics@gmail.com
Organisation Address
2nd Floor, 323, Sadhbhawna Marg Chilla Village
New Delhi
Product Description

Doorastha iLUMY solution provides end-to-end remote monitoring of solar micro/mini-grids with its unique solution comprising of an IoT enabled smart meter, a grid controller, a mobile app and an analytics platform for data visualization, reporting and informed decision making.

Bringing efficiency in operation and sustainability to investment with:

ILUMY solution monitors the efficiency of generation, distribution, and consumption through real-time monitoring and measurements at various nodal points in the grids.

  • Smart pre-paid meter with data logging which has a has a Two-line display showing balance amount and recharge date
  • Mobile app for recharging of credit
  • IoT based routers for network intelligence capture
  • Hub nodes for logging generation and consumption information
  • Back-end database for storing real-time data
  • Front-end analytics and reporting for sharing information with all stakeholders


Multiple models of engagement


  •  Build own operate model (BOOM)

In build own operate model we build the off-grid plant and which is operated by a local market entrepreneur using our solutions to earn a living leading to employment generation.


  • Managed Grid Solution (MGS-L)

In MGS-L iLUMY solution is installed in an existing DRE network. This enables ease of collection of revenue and prevents revenue loss and pilferages along with tracking of grid usage. Provides complete remote grid management, increasing efficiency and bringing sustainability to the solar assets.


  •  PAYG Model


Pay as you go model of payment for the rural enterprises making it a convenient payment option among consumers. 


About Doorastha Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Doorastha Analytics is the Government of India recognized start-up incubated in May 2017 at Government of India incubation center, The Electropreneur Park, New Delhi. Doorastha Analytics was founded to resolve the problems that challenged the sustainability of remotely located solar off-grids. A solution named iLUMY (Intelligent Laghu Urja Mapan Yantra) was developed and prototyped which is an IoT based smart meter management platform for measurement and monitoring of remotely located solar assets. At Doorastha, we believe technology solutions are the key to the socio-economic & environmental development of rural agglomerations and the deprived (BOP) segment. However, still, a large part of the rural markets in India does not have access to reliable electricity which leaves micro-enterprises from achieving their full potential as energy is distributed inequitably in terms of quality and quantity.


Doorastha iLUMY solution leverages 24x7 access to reliable clean energy solutions with smart technology to provide end-to-end monitoring with better outage management. The PAYG model provides customers to avail of affordable electricity without any up-front costs and energy-efficient technology helps in cost savings which provides our consumers with informed choices. Strengthens the rural economy by forging local partnerships and replacing expensive polluting diesel gensets with clean energy solutions.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Doorastha is working to address one of the most pressing problems of today’ such as energy access & poverty. Energy is one of the prerequisites which influences people’s lives and is critical for the economic development of the nation. Doorastha Analytics focusses on rural enterprises for rural economic development and supports multiple aspects of the UN sustainable development goals and Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 of India’s and Corporate Social Responsibility Rules. 


Doorastha developed a low-cost iLUMY solution for managing and monitoring remotely located mini/micro-grids. Since the inception of Doorastha in 2017, it has impacted more than 720 lives and 120 small & medium rural enterprises. Doorastha Analytics calls for action and works towards in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to promote prosperity through access to clean energy for productive loads for rural SMEs.


The corporates doing CSR to provide energy access in underserved areas can optimize the efficiency of power distribution, reducing their operational costs, detect pilferages and check losses remotely.




For more information, please visit Link.

CSR projects of product

Doorastha Empowering Rural Enterprises through iLUMY Solution
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We deployed iLUMY solution for providing access to 24x7 affordable clean energy in rural markets of ....
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