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Captain Planet Workshop for Schools


Product : Captain Planet Workshop


Location : Delhi,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

We ran our “Captain Planet Workshop”, our initiatives toward Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at different schools in Delhi NCR.

This workshop is designed by amalgamating various best practices around the globe to help us in educating current and future generations who are and can be our potential waste generators if not given the right direction. It helps in making them aware of the calamities we’ll face if we don’t work on waste management at the individual level and protect the environment. And the best part is that not only do they learn about this vast problem of waste that our country is recently experiencing, but will also be motivated to talk about it with others. 

With this workshop, we wanted to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards our environment in our young generation. Instilling the habit of handling & classifying waste from a young age so that our upcoming generation can contribute to raising the standards of living in our country.

And once we get success in it, it will help in sustaining a better future for our young generation by making: “BHARAT CLEANER & GREENER”


Special Features Of Project


  • It is a very flexible, easy-to-understand workshop.
  • It starts with a fun and informative “PRESENTATION” on & about waste,
  • Then we hand over a fun “QUIZ” with real and practical examples to check if the children could recall whatever was taught to them in the presentation.
  • After this learning session, we conducted an amazing “GAME TRIVIA”. In this, we presented them with a mystery bag from which they had to pick up a waste prop and decide where it needed to be put! Dry waste bin? Or a wet waste bin?
  • We rewarded the winning team with a pair of DRY & WET bins so that they can start this practice of waste separation and no longer have any problem with waste separation at home.
  • Distributing pairs of Dry and wet dustbins to the school so that the children can have both physical and visual learning of waste management.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

We are currently looking for donors and partners to sponsor our Dry and Wet dustbins at every school in India.