Changing Cooking Behaviour of Rural Families in Mudra through HomeBiogas-Gujarat- CSR Product Projects India

Changing Cooking Behaviour of Rural Families in Mudra through HomeBiogas


Product : HomeBiogas7.0


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

Hundreds of thousands of farmers and other residents living in Mudra, located in the state of Gujarat, don’t have access to clean cooking. To improve the lives of these residents in 2019, HomeBiogas along with Adani foundation began the implementation of 125 7CM systems in 2019 for some of the most vulnerable families. HomeBiogas was fully onboard, training the team and technicians on the product and installation best practices.


Since the successful installation of the 125 systems, there has been a high level of satisfaction amongst system owners. Women have especially benefitted from clean cooking and not being exposed to harmful smoke from wood fires. And now, they no longer have to sit on the floor with the fire or constantly bend over, it’s comfortable cooking. They’ve seen the effects of bio-fertilizer as well, using it for crops, developing a sustainable agriculture culture. To ensure ongoing satisfaction, HomeBiogas will continue to send teams to check the system for quality assurance and make sure they are performing and technically up-to-standards. They look forward to expanding this partnership and providing more social benefits to additional families with the Adani Corporations. 


Special Features Of Project

  • Accomplishing a passionate commitment to social obligations towards communities
  • Fostering sustainable and integrated development
  • Improving the quality of life

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Adani Foundation