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Corporate Climate Confluence


Product : EcoDhaga


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

India's first event geared at getting the corporates and industrial sector talking about the Climate Change issue and finding solutions to work towards Climate Action. The event was held in Vadodara, Gujarat, on 25th January 2020. The event was attended by over 80 industrialists, academics and innovators from the Gujarat Industrial Area. 


The event hosted the following esteemed speakers:

  • C B Ramkumar, Sustainability Expert & Founder at Our Native Village 
  • Chirag Bhimani, Environmental & Compliance Expert with Government of Gujarat  
  • Santosh Nair, Environmental Engineer, Founder at UPL Environment Limited
  • Satish Panchal, Industrial Environmental Engineer, Management at VESL 

Further the event hosted a panel discussion with industry leaders on the topic: 

“Challenges to Low Carbon Development in India” 

  • Bhuwan Purohit, President REIA & Management at Rubamin India Limited
  • C B Ramkumar 
  • Chirag Bhimani 
  • Santosh Nair 
  • Satish Panchal 
  • Moderated by Vikram Singhal, CEO Gulbrandson Technologies India. 

Corporate Climate Confluence was a first of its kind educational one day seminar aimed at bringing climate awareness to industrialists in the Gujarat region. "Come and engage with environment and sustainability experts and explore how climate change affects your business. For the first time in India, Twisted Tiara presents the Corporate Climate Confluence, where businesses can learn how sustainability leads to profitability!

There has been enough talk about climate change for over 3 decades. Governments have made commitments in international summits and failed to follow through.The climate issue has now turned into a climate crisis. Now is the time that corporates and companies worldwide are thinking about how they can reduce their impact on the climate, and you should too!

In October 2018, the UN IPCC concluded in its report that we now have 11 years to cut carbon emissions by 50% if the planet is to survive. 


We can all try and reduce our impact on a personal level. However, real change can only possible when all stakeholders engage and do their part in the solution. Buy tickets here and attend an event that not only presents you with new, sustainable ideas for your business, but is also a great networking opportunity!"


Special Features Of Project

The seminar agenda and topics included were: 


  • Climate Change and its Effects on Your Business
  • Innovative Solutions to Climate Crisis
  • Optimising Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  • Circular Economy for Environmental Protection
  • Creating a cradle to cradle industrial solution
  • The Sustainability Journey and its impact on your Balance Sheet
  • Keynote: What Next - Battery Operated Vehicles by Padmanabh Thakkar at Joy E-Bike 

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Donor: Joy E-Bike, Transpek-Silox India, and Rubamin Pvt. Limited; Supported by: Unison Insurance Broking Services Pvt. Ltd, Recycling and Environment Industry Association of India (REIA), Vadodara HR Forum, and EXIM Club; Partners: Federation of Gujarat Industries (Venue Partner); Spark News Limited (News Partner); Radio City 91.1 FM (Radio Partner); BookMyShow (Ticket Partner); Wonky Works (Gifting Partner); and The Shoppee (Kit Partner)