Doorastha Empowering Rural Enterprises through iLUMY Solution-Delhi,Uttar Pradesh- CSR Product Projects India

Doorastha Empowering Rural Enterprises through iLUMY Solution


Product : iLUMY Solution


Location : Delhi,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

We deployed iLUMY solution for providing access to 24x7 affordable clean energy in rural markets of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Currently, we have deployed 7.2 kWp DC solar PV micro-grids in pilot bases with our embedded iLUMY solution which includes a pre-paid DC smart meter, and a grid controller for enabling remote monitoring and sustainably managing the system assets. 


The Organization believes that the inclusion of access to clean energy-based productive loads would lead to livelihood generation while tackling climate change and environmental protection for all in a sustainable manner. It promotes environmental sustainability through innovation & technology in access to clean energy, replaces expensive polluting diesel generators, mitigating climate change.



Benefits incurred to the small & medium enterprises

  • 24x7 affordable & reliable electricity for productive loads with extended work hours
  • Enabling the SMEs to increase their income by reducing their dependency on expensive sources of fuel like diesel
  • Better livelihood opportunities due to reliable electricity,
  • The pre-paid metering system along with the PAYG model of payment enables small enterprises to pay according to their energy needs.
  • Additionally, energy access created local market entrepreneurs and increased livelihood in the area leading to a holistic rural economic development. Switching to clean energy reduced the cost burden on small businesses, which helps in increasing their income, generate local employment for skilled and unskilled workers and revitalizes, the rural economies both in pre-commissioning and throughout the project life cycle.

Special Features Of Project

  • 24x7 affordable & reliable electricity for productive loads and savings from expenditure on expensive polluting fuels such as diesel/kerosene.
  • Pay-as-you-go model (PAYG) of payment for the rural enterprises making it a convenient payment option among consumers. 
  • BOOM- Build own operate model: Doorastha sets up the plant, and manages it through a village level entrepreneur (VLE) who operate the plant using iLUMY solution.
  • IoT enabled smart meters to bring efficiency in the system, high uptime, helps in complaints resolution and provide consumers with informed choices on electricity consumption.
  • Real-time monitoring of the projects along with reports and data analytics for better visualization of the operation of system assets.

Project Type : Others


Project Donors and Partners

IIT Kanpur, INVENT, SIDBI, Electropreneur Park, Villgro