Empowering visually impaired students through assistive technology solutions-Delhi- CSR Product Projects India

Empowering visually impaired students through assistive technology solutions


Product : SAKSHAM’s EVO E-10 Daisy player


Location : Delhi


Project Description

There are 285 million visually impaired and blind people in the world. They all have amazing gifts to contribute to society but they need the right tools to realize their dreams. SAKSHAM believes that is the key solution that opens up many doors. But those without sight, computers do not work straight out of the box. Therefore, SAKSHAM believes that a “Daisy Player” is required which is an assistive device that enables visually impaired individuals to educate and do works easily.


As we are into the world of digital assistive technology where we are exposed to the assistive devices of various kinds for persons with visual impairment and print disabled. Technology has changed our lives and upgrades us to do things all alone independently.


Assistive technology has exploded the barriers to education and employment, for differently-abled individuals. Students find it much easier to be educated and perform well in the fields which they have chosen with the accessible devices and also work accessibly in their workplaces.


The assistive devices have changed how they live, learn and work making it accessible for one and all.


With the development of technology taking place rapidly, Saksham has introduced an upgraded version of EVO E-5 to EVO E-10 which is a player assistive device that allows print disabled individuals to read digital talking books, access e-text as well as record information.


Special Features Of Project

  • Introduction of a special assistive device (EVO E-10 Daisy players) along with training to visually impaired school students for their education;
  • This device is one of its own kind and specially designed for visually impaired students to download talking books, record information, connect to the internet and online library i.e. Sugamya Pustakalaya which is the only library for the VIs with lakhs of e-publications for their education.  



Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Huber Suhner