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Fliplearn Prime


Product : Fliplearn Prime


Location : Haryana


Project Description

Fliplearn is an app-based e-learning solution that has been created to offer students all across India a comprehensive and personalized learning experience. As India’s economy has grown in the past few years, smartphones are no longer considered a luxury item in the nation. This has increased the number of smartphone users and by 2022, it is estimated that there would be over 800 million smartphone users in India. 


As a result, Fliplearn will be able to offer students across the nation, regardless of their background or region, a standardized learning experience using award-winning content mapped to all boards. This will help bridge the gap between private and public institutions in the country. It will also help provide students who can’t afford private tuition a means of learning beyond school hours. 



Special Features Of Project

  • Standardizing Quality Education

With Fliplearn, every child can get that sought after top school learning experience. By offering free usage of our app, school students will be able to learn using award-winning visual aids, competition focussed quizzes, comprehensive board mapped study material, on the go doubt clarification, anytime anywhere access and more! 

  • Teaching Beyond School Hours

A lot of students aren’t fortunate enough to have the funds needed to go for private tuition after school hours. With Fliplearn however, students will be able to get the private tuition experience using any smart device. If not, school labs can be used to access Fliplearn content and study after school hours.  

  • Helping Under Staffed Institutions 

Fliplearn wishes to help understaffed schools make up for a lack of teachers using our curated subject-wise content. Using our study material, staff can let the app do the work while simply supervising the classroom. 

  • Teacher Limitations 

Sometimes, no matter how experienced, teachers are unable to get through to students. However, with the introduction of e-learning aids like Fliplearn, teachers can offer their students a new way to learn and understand concepts using award-winning visual learning aids, games and more!

  • Specialized Computer Labs

Computers are a vital part of education in the 21st century as nearly every job in the world requires a basic knowledge of computers. As these labs can be quite expensive to set up, Fliplearn is willing to share the cost with state-funded institutions. For those who already have computer labs, we can incorporate our learning aids to improve the effectiveness of these labs. 


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

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