How CALF™has left a lasting impression on one of our customers (customer ‘a’ as per point 7, in the Non-profit segment in North India.-Assam,West Bengal- CSR Product Projects India

How CALF™has left a lasting impression on one of our customers (customer ‘a’ as per point 7, in the Non-profit segment in North India.


Product : CALFâ„¢


Location : Assam,West Bengal


Project Description

Background: A not-for-profit organization aims at providing quality education for children from the early development stage. The organization engages with communities predominantly in the northeastern part of India and works with state governments and corporates in enabling education for all. The training of Anganwadi teachers is one of the programs initiated for this purpose.


Problem: With the rise of the covid and restricted access to these teachers in person, the organization found it challenging in delivering its objectives. Right systems that could support this journey were a matter of question. The organization had planned its intervention for a large group of women, who could then train the children in Anganwadis.


Our Solution & Impact: Understanding their pain points, we deployed CALF(™) LMS as a solution. This meant the NGO was able to reach out to multiple users across the region despite lockdown restrictions and limited connectivity. The platform helped train 8500 Anganwadi teachers through a flexible self-paced learning methodology, in a very short period (5-6 weeks) in one of its interventions.


Currently, NuVeda engages with three non-profit organizations in India to deliver skilling and learning projects.

  1. A Not for profit organization in working towards improving the education of children from the early childhood stage. The organization also works for women's empowerment by skilling and empowering them for employment. This engagement was of high importance during the pandemic and the project aimed at online and offline remote engagements with mobile for learning in the local language (Assamese and Bangla).
  2. A non-profit organization from North India engages with communities for early childhood development and teacher training. CALF(™) has empowered 22,000+ teachers under the trainer program to impact the lives of young children for a better future.
  3. A top-notch non-profit organization in India aims to empower young and adolescent girl children through sports with a dedicated mobile-first learning approach. CALF(™) with its simplified learning process, images these children in learning.

The NGO undertakes this program at various intervals on a project basis using the CALF(™) platform. Currently, this is an ongoing program aimed to cover a larger number of Anganwadi teachers. This program has impacted more than 10,000 teachers to date in the eastern parts of the country.


Special Features Of Project

  • Mobile based learning with 10,000+ Concurrent logins 
  • Micro-learning modules for easy consumption of content in the form of weekly videos, guides and manuals, assignments and assessments
  • Personalized learning journey with local language assistance
  • Online and offline assessments
  • Self paced and blended learning deliveries
  • Advanced reports and analytics for impact analysis

Project Type : Others


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