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Institutes of Change


Product : Kibo XS: Multilingual Scanning & Reading Companion


Location : Delhi,Gujarat,Haryana,Karnataka,Kerala,Maharashtra,Odisha,Telangana


Project Description

INSTITUTES OF CHANGE is an initiative by Trestle Labs through which we are focusing on making existing organizations like -Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Public Libraries, Government Offices among others, become inclusive for Blind and Visually-impaired people in the community. We are doing this by deploying Kibo XS devices across various institutions and training them on web and mobile accessibility.


These institutions in turn support community sensitization and training on the tools to encourage inclusive education and equal learning opportunities. As a part of our product offering, these institutions are also digitizing content or translating them for their own requirements and also audio-recording content for the elderly illiterate.

Setting an example of a truly inclusive organization.


Special Features Of Project

The project has been undertaken by Trestle Labs in collaboration with various institutes towards:

  • Promoting inclusive teaching-reading-learning techniques
  • Sensitize the community and especially peer-group across various organizations on advantages and uses of various assistive technology products
  • Organizations, in turn, become nodal centres to support audio-based content access for all the underprivileged strata of the community

Project Type : Others


Project Donors and Partners

Self Funded, TCS Foundation, DST GOI, Pune International Centre, CIIE-IIMA