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Khushi Baby System


Product : Khushi Baby Platform


Location : Rajasthan


Project Description

Khushi Baby has developed a comprehensive platform for tracking Reproductive Maternal Neonatal and Child Health care, tailored for last-mile settings without connectivity. 


In January 2020 Khushi Baby was selected by the Additional Chief Secretary (Health) of Rajasthan as the nodal technical service provider for the Rajasthan’s Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare’s forthcoming comprehensive digital health information management system, the Nirogi Rajasthan Platform. The platform includes m-health solutions for the ASHA (household level), ANM (subcenter level), MOIC (primary health center level), an advanced analytics dashboard for health officials to take data driven engagements, and targeted automated voice call reminders in the local dialect for beneficiaries.


Over 150 ANM health workers in 5 blocks (~400 villages) have used the system continuously since 2017 to track the health of 47,000+ mothers and infants.


Khushi Baby's 2-year, 3200-mother randomized controlled trial, supported by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, showed the Khushi Baby system improved full infant immunization by 12 percentage points and decreased infant malnutrition by 4 percentage points.


Special Features Of Project

  • Integrated mobile health, wearable NFC technology and cloud computing
  • Targeted, dialect specific voice call system to deliver health related reminders and awareness messages
  • Biometric information such as a thumb print or facial recognition information can be stored in the chip and used to conduct a live match at the point of care

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Rajasthan Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GAVI, UNICEF, 3ie, MIT-SOLVE, Pierre Fabre Foundation, Nudge Foundation, Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, Johnson and Johnson, Google AI