MMV's equipped with eHealth Kits provided by Clarity Medical-Punjab- CSR Product Projects India

MMV's equipped with eHealth Kits provided by Clarity Medical


Product : Recobro Vigile


Location : Punjab


Project Description

Corporations can leverage Clarity Medical’s CSR solution to deliver on their Social Responsibility initiative.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with Clarity Medical to deliver on their Health-focused Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Since most rural and remote communities have challenges with access to skilled medical professionals and lack of quality equipment, HPE decided to bring quality healthcare to remote and rural areas of India. With over 250 fully equipped and functional e-Health Centers across India, HPE CSR has till date provided quality healthcare to over 1 million people. Clarity Medical equipped these healthcare kiosks with equipment to monitor vital signs and provide diagnostics. The solution includes cloud-based Electronic Medical Record software that enables healthcare professionals to view patient details and history irrespective of location. Clarity Medical manages the entire solution infrastructure for HPE CSR and provides in-depth reporting to HPE. This partnership helps drive and meet HPE’s corporate social responsibility targets.


Supplied products for the project:

  • Portable vital sign monitor: Clarity Medical’s Recobro Vigile® - a portable, battery-operated vital sign monitor – allows for ICU grade monitoring even in remote areas of the country. Vital signs monitored: SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), HR (heart rate), RR (respiratory rate), ECG (electrocardiograph), NiBP (blood pressure), temperature.
  • Spirometer: Spriometers are used to measure lung volume, and diagnose many pulmonary conditions. The SpiroTech+ is a portable spirometer designed for use with a laptop, making it highly portable. The portable nature of the device allows pulmonary tests to be performed even in remote locations of the country.
  • Glucometer: Glucose meters are used to determine the concentration of glucose in blood.
  • Haemoglobinmeter: Hb Meters are used to measure the concentration of haemoglobin in blood.
  • Tablet: Android powered 10” smart tablet.
  • Biometric device: Biometric fingerprint scanning device allows for fast identification of participants for data logging and retrieval.
  • Cloud based EMR (electronic medical record) software: Clarity Medical has designed a customized EMR software that compiles and files all test reports by patient in a convenient place. The Clarity EMR is cloud enabled, and allows for patient test reports to be remotely accessed by medical professionals over the internet at any location. Easy diagnosis and prescription generation.
  • Integrating all these distinct elements into a single kit has allowed Clarity Medical to create a comprehensive eHealth environment to foster sustainable healthcare in any section of the country.

Special Features Of Project

  • Well equipped and mobile eHealth Kit, including multiple portable diagnostic devices.
  • Cloud enabled EMR (electronic medical record) software giving remote access of patient test reports to medical professionals anywhere.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Hewlett Packard Enterprise