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Portable multi-feed oxygen supply ventilator (PMOSV-4)


Product : Portable multi-feed oxygen supply ventilator (PMOSV-4)


Location : Delhi


Project Description

A typical Oxygen providing facility at hospitals comprises of an oxygen cylinder, feeding only one patient through a Ventimask arrangement. This is a suitable portable arrangement that could provide oxygen through existing ventimasks with hospitals / medical support team to a number of needy patients using a single-cylinder during emergencies which is the need of the hour. It would enable one Oxygen Bottle to supply Four (4) patients concurrently thus enabling critical care management to a larger number of COVID patients with the existing limited resources.


Present oxygen supply facility at hospitals consists of an oxygen cylinder feeding only one patient at a time.In this period of covid-19 pandemic, requirement is to utilise the limited available resources for maximum advantage.


PMOSV consisting of Oxygen Mother Cylinder, SS manifold, Inlet Pressure gauge, Opening/Closing valve, Release Valve and Safety Valve is mounted on four-wheel portable trolley pressure


Special Features Of Project

  • No electricity required
  • Cost-effective Solution 
  • One inlet port and four outlet flow with independent flow rate setting

Project Type : Government


Project Donors and Partners

Government Funded