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Project Reeva


Product : Internet Connected Solar Home System - REEVA


Location : Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh,Odisha


Project Description

Project Reeva is exclusively rolled to alleviate the existential challenges faced by us today:



  • Burning Kerosene lamps leads to over 1.5 million people every year.
  • Inhaling Kerosene smoke is like smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day. 
  • 25 Billion liters consumed each year add 270,000 tones of Black Carbon. 
  • People living off-grid spend $27 Billion each year on Kerosene lighting, Mobile Phone Charging services, Battery Torches, or other stop-gap arrangements.


  • Members of the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) are the poorest communities in the world without the ability to access to organized financial services. 
  • Globally there are 1.1 Billion Working Poor – earning $1,500 to $3,000 per year ($5-$10 a day). 
  • Some estimates based on the broadest segment of the BoP puts its demand as Customers at about $5 Trillion annually in Purchasing Power Parity. 


  • It is estimated that 95% of the people living in the least Developed Countries, as categorized by the U.N. are without Internet access. 
  • Other than missing economic opportunities, they also miss out on online - Public Debates, News, Education, Skills training, Social groups, and means to access Government Services. 
  • Evidence shows that access to the Internet drives Economic growth suggesting a 10% rise in Broadband access to a 1.35% increase in GDP in developing countries.

Special Features Of Project

  • Reeva- Bridge to Inclusivity: Reeva helps vindicate how India has bridged the digital divide -by making financial inclusion and last-mile delivery, workable concepts.
  • Role of Reeva in helping attain inclusivity of marginalized and excluded poor households, by providing 24x7 assured access to the Internet.
  • Via clean energy, Reeva is helping achieve deep penetration at affordable costs and is providing effective use of smart technology for the massive step towards financial inclusion.
  • The technological issues like poor connectivity and glitches in online transactions are now being effectively addressed via Reeva home installations for online transactions.
  • Aadhar coupled with PMJDY and Mobile (JAM Trinity) has created a robust platform for accelerating financial inclusion. 
  • Reeva can help in Aadhar-enabled payment services which provide easy access to banking services by use of fingerprint authentication. 
  • Households, through Reeva, can also access the indigenously developed Cowin portal, which has ensured over 155 crore vaccinations that have been given to date.
  • Women with small children or persons with disabilities have sometimes been unable to engage in work outside the home, but can now they can engage in telework.
  • Many poor or disadvantaged populations will now receive public services because governments can use digital IDs to verify their eligibility.
  • Skilled workers and small businesses can trade their services in local or global markets for higher returns These are all examples where Reeva, through providing assured internet connectivity on user demand, directly helps overcome information problems thereby contributing to greater inclusion in rural and upcountry communities.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

R2V2 Technologies P Limited