Providing Fluoride free water to the people of Methan village-Gujarat- CSR Product Projects India

Providing Fluoride free water to the people of Methan village


Product : Handpump & Power pump attachments Arsenic, Iron, Fluoride & Nitrate removal units


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

The people of Methan village which is 17kms from sidpur town in Mehsana district Gujarat were suffering from Fluorosis, a dreaded diseases caused in humans and animals due to intake of excess amount of fluoride in drinking water. Which leads to mottled teeth, dental carries, stiffened brittle bones and joints, metabolic disorders and even paralysis in advance stages. Ion Exchange (India) ltd sought the support of Muniwar Abad Charitable Trust (MACT), a NGO supported by Aga Khan foundation for installation of a pilot project on De-fluoridation. The people of Methan were aware about the problem and their participation in day to day operation and maintenance was readily available.


The fluoride content in the water was 2.3 ppm , which must be less than 1.5 ppm as per standards of WHO. 50% contribution was made by the village panchayat and 50 % by (MACT) for the purchase of De-fluoridation system in the month of August 1997.


The water was passed from bore well to the De-fluoridation unit by means of an inlet control valve. Before storing the fluoride free water, it was being chlorinated, than the treated water was being distributed to five taps on a common stand post. The operator of the unit has been trained by Ion Exchange(India) ltd and does the routine operation and maintenance of the unit. The villagers formed a working committee for rationing the water among themselves at a token amount of 20/30 rupees per month per family this helped them fund the operating cost and also recover their capital cost.


Special Features Of Project

  • Providing 30,000 liters/day treated water for drinking and cooking purpose.
  • The level of fluoride in water was brought down to less than 1 ppm.
  • Villagers have reported reduction in joint pain and related discomfort after consuming treated water.
  • Villagers sell excess drinking water to nearby villages which are also affected by fluoride content in drinking water making a source of income for them.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Muniwar Abad Charitable Trust (MACT) NGO Supported by Aga Khan Foundation.