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Product : Microcliate Storage/ Sabjikothi


Location : Bihar,Puducherry,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

Sabjikothi as transportation Solution:- 

Sabjikothi/Preservator can be built upon any transportation means such as Auto, Mini- trucks, Tractors, Trucks, Thelas, E-Rickshaws and help small farmers, traders, transporters to delivers fresh horticultural produces in the market. Most of the fruits and vegetables are transported openly to the market due to which it suffers the significant water loss, which finally leads to direct economic losses to the farmers and traders. Inside the storage there is insignificant or no water loss and fresh commodities can be made available to the customers in the market. The transportation model is built in a way that it is stackable and multiple unit can be joined and capacity of the storage can be increased. 


Sabjikothi for Farmers:- 

Sabjikothi for farmers is designed in a way that on-farm infrastructure can be created and also same sabjikothi can be installed inside the house. The sabjikothi can be powered by solar energy making it independent of grid supplies. 1. Urban farmers: lower transport costs (only once every three days delivering to supermarkets instead every day) 2. Rural farmers: opening new market opportunities because more crops can reach Urban Area in a better state. Also, many farmers are still delivering their crops to intermediaries on a daily basis, which is extremely expensive for them. 


Sabjikothi for Traders:- 

Sabjikothi for traders is a high-capacity storage and also the inside condition can be monitored using the app on the smartphone. Traders from these storage models can be benefitted by getting export or reach bigger markets far away. Also after the end of days sale usually fruits and vegetables can’t survive at the night due to various stress upon it so inside this storage the stress is minimized and the commodity is fresh for sale the next day also. 


Special Features Of Project

  • Increase in the average shelf-life of various commodities on an average by 10 days. 
  • Impact on the income of users increasing it noticeably after a few crops have been harvested.
  • Increase in the ratio of on-farm produce to produce that reaches the market by 1:1.55 
  • Given the availability of more properly preserved fruits and vegetables, the nutrition intake of the average urban end consumers could increase with a possible result showing on their overall health and well-being.

Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners