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Science Kit


Product : Science Kit


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

A.  Lab In A Classroom


Instead of just discussing about the goals of education, constructivism, principles of NCF etc., a teacher should be prepared to implement the constructive approach of knowledge as mentioned in NCF - 2005in actual classroom interactions during 45 minutes period. If a teacher innovatively uses experiments and activities as teaching aids then obviously we can bring constructivism in actual classroom and achieve the goals of education as expected in NCF 2005. After so much of experience, they came to the conclusion that only workshops of teachers will not take us to the level of implementation of this inquiry-based constructive approach but a comprehensive programme/action plan should be implemented. Considering the approach, Anoobhuti had developed the Lab in Classroom Concept which is a mini science lab to imbibe learning practices mentioned in NCF - 2005 in classrooms. The experiments and activities which can be used as teaching aids are designed in such a manner that they will cover the abstract concepts in all the branches of science. Thus, there has to be a direct relation of this concept with the syllabus.



B. Mobile Science Lab


The Mobile Science Lab is a mini science center that is fully equipped with various science exhibits which visits various schools along with expert trainers form decided peripheral. The Mobile Science Lab equipped with multiple science experiments / exhibits. The exhibits are designed and mapped to state board syllabus (6th to 10th Std. students). The same lab on wheels can act as a Science Centre on wheels that will transport working models of Science Centre in a particular school. It will be operated by qualified trainers and will be used by students under their supervision


C. Science Promotion Workshop


Science Promotion Workshop is Experiential based Science workshop, which creates an opportunity for students to enjoy the science theories from mapped syllabus which were difficult to understand in theoretical way, understand the science application of it in daily routine by experiencing Anoobhutis exclusive science kit. Anoobhutis expert trainers will conduct the workshop which will be mapped with ICSE/CBSE/SSC Board syllabus.


Special Features Of Project

  • The experiments or activities will be selected so that teacher need not have to go through complicated arrangements and should be easy for a teacher to show it around through the classroom with apparatus in their hands.
  • Every kit will be very easy to handle so that students can be involved to carry out the activities.
  • Raw material used for making kit will be such that it is readily available at a economical cost.
  • A users’ manual will be given in the kit to guide a teacher on how to do these activities and experiments and what concepts can be taught with the help of them.
  • Mobile Application will be provided to every teacher to keep regular updates on Lab instruments
  • A capacity building workshop for teachers along with intermediate interventions if required
  • A comprehensive impact measurement on learning outcomes and interest in subject
  • Teachers and schools realized that constructive approach of knowledge through activities can be implemented without disturbing their regular school time table and schedule.
  • Students participated actively in the classroom and their understanding about various concepts in science became better.

Project Type : CSR


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