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Siali Leaf Tableware


Product : Siali Leaf Tableware


Location : Jharkhand,Odisha


Project Description

Tribes in the forests of Odisha and Jharkhand are among the most marginalised segments of our society today. They survive by collecting and trading minor forest products and suffer low incomes and exploitation. Through fair-trade practices, innovation, and market linkage;Rassaa empowers these tribal women to determine their own future

The Siali creeper grows around Sal trees in the forests of Odisha and Jharkhand, where tribal women pick them to make leaf plates. Their forests are sacred to them, so they never pick more leaves than they need, always making sure that the creeper has enough leaves for its own needs.

They understand that their survival is tied to the forest’s survival. Rassaa tableware is completely bio-degradable, and returns to nature within 28 days, leaving only a positive impact on the environment

100% Organic & Biodegradable Tableware manufactured from natural leaves collected from the Forests of India and hand stitched by tribal women with threads of wild grass providing an unmatched grace to food serving.

These leaves are used for dining purposes for centuries in India, have their own unique natural texture: Sturdy, heat & water-resistant. They are suitable for all types of foods and can be safely used in the Oven, Microwave and Refrigerator repeatedly.



Special Features Of Project

  • Skilling and Training of the tribal women farmers to enhance livelihood opportunities
  • Direct Procurement of the produce by offering price @ 30% higher than the local market resulting into increase in income.
  • Workshops conducted on sustainable business development practices and quality improvement
  • Demand Orientation and customer feedbacks were provided to ensure optimal productivity.
  • Quarterly orders and advances were given to ensure continuous production and income of all the members.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

HDFC Bank Parivartan CSR
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