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Last Updated On 11 November 2019
Product USP
  • Provide safe water to the underserved people
  • Get rid-off of waterborne diseases
  • Provide purified water at Point of place hence discard Plastic bottles
  • Better health and environment for the Universe
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Surya Vanu Dalal
Contact Number     9860093383
Contact Email    svdalal@toyamindia.com
Organisation Address
18-19, 1st Floor, Parmar Pawan Lullanagar-Kondhwa Road, Kondhwa
Product Description

The system provided includes a clean room with a proper door along with the RO system, Water cooler along with  Taps to dispense water to the public. Proper pipeline along with electrical wiring from the nearest source.


It uses:

  • unique adsorption technology for the removal of Fluoride from Drinking water. We call it as Fluoride Contamination removal units (FCRU). The FCRU developed by toyaM can be attached to the Hand pump or can be connected to an overhead tank. This doesn't require electricity. Fluoride removal doesn't generate any sludge and hence environmentally very effective. The cost of operation and maintenance is very low
  • unique oxidation and adsorption technology for the removal of Arsenic from Drinking water. RO has been used by some technology partners, but not suitable if Total dissolved solids (TDS) is below 2000 ppm
  • unique oxidation and precipitation technology for the removal of Iron in Drinking-water
  • mostly UV, UF, Chlorination is being adopted


ToyaM has a unique business model whereby we design and install water purification systems after studying the needs of the villages and the types of contamination and build in elements of long term sustainability so that once the system is installed, the villagers can have access to safe water for a long number of years. ToyaM works with the villages and panchayats to do the operation and maintenance, service, quality, distribution of water in the villages. The villagers are also trained to spread awareness in the villages and ToyaM helps in Capacity building and IEC for the village.


toyaM Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is a movement of like minded Technocrats who are committed to provide safe and clean drinking water along with sanitation to the society with specific focus to serve the under-serve.


We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company with CARE rating of ‘BBB” . This Company is registered under the Companies act 1956.


toyaM is a Technology agnostic company providing various solutions for designing, manufacturing, supplying, erecting, consulting and maintenance of various water and sanitation system such as:

  • Community based sustainable Drinking water and sanitation system
  • Industrial and commercial RO system and Water treatment and Effluent treatment
  • Domestic RO water purifiers
  • DRDO based technology for sanitation
  • Consulting and water audits for Corporate along with project impact assessment
Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

We believe that the toyaM Water Station will support your existing processes and will allow for future growth. toyaM Water Station takes your existing water and purifies it & fit for consumption right in front of you, day in and day out!


toyaM believes in accountability to our customers and will support you every step of the way. For those instances when service is required, toyaM has a highly trained service team that will get you up and running quickly.

CSR projects of product

toyaM DRINKING WATER Systems for Schools / Colleges / Public Places
Project Type: CSR
Most of the time the Public places have very poor quality water and people in society fear to drink ....
More CSR Info >>

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