301 Large Indian Corporate have spent over INR 12000 crore, more than their prescribed CSR limit in FY 20-21

By CSRBOX On 17 November 2021
301 Large Indian Corporate have spent over INR 12000 crore, more than their prescribed CSR limit in FY 20-21

The India CSR Outlook Report (ICOR), an annual research publication of CSRBOX presents an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of CSR spending of 301 large companies in the financial year 2020-21 and visualizes a few important curves and trends of the CSR landscape in India. The report covers:

  • Number of Companies (Listed): 301
  • Top BSE 200 are covered in the research
  • Number of PSUs covered: 22
  • Number of Projects Implemented in FY 20-21: 6759
  • Total mandated Prescribed CSR Budget in FY 20-21: INR 11660 Cr.
  • Total Actual CSR Spent in FY 20-21: INR 12180 Cr.

Key Highlights of the report are:

  • About 65% of the companies have spent more than their Prescribed CSR Budget for the year.
  • Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Odisha have received nearly 1/5th of India's total
    CSR fund.
  • Nearly 50 percent of the CSR project have been executed by Implementing agencies. 

Top 5 Spenders in CSR in FY 20-21


Prescribed CSR (mandate) (INR)

Actual CSR Spent (INR)

Reliance Industries Ltd



Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.



HDFC Bank Limited



Oil And Natural Gas Corporation




Indian Oil Corporation Limited



In terms of actual CSR spent, the 10 large companies contribute to around 40% of the total actual CSR spent (INR 12180) for this financial year and  9 out of 10 companies have spent more than their prescribed CSR. 

Thematic Distribution of Fund

With INR 4407 Cr. Investment which accounts more than 1/3rd of the total CSR Spent has been utilized for projects under Poverty Alleviation, Healthcare, and WASH. The rise in healthcare investment is seen as a clear effect of COVID-19 pandemic.Following which is Education and Skills - under which INR 3082 Cr. has been spent. Unsurprisingly PM Cares and other national relief funds have received INR 2009 Cr. Investment, it has emerged out at 3rd largest thematic area under Schedule VII.

Geographic Distribution of the CSR Fund

  • Maharashtra remains the highest receiver state with 1/10 (10.55%) of the total CSR Fundsamounting to INR 1272 Cr.
  • Second highest receiver of the CSR Funds is Gujarat amounting to INR 676 Cr i.e., 5.6 % of the total CSR Funds followed by Delhi, which has received INR 514 Cr, i.e.  4.27 % of the overall CSR Funds.


CSRBOX is a social impact collaborative in India with Impact Advisory Practice, Platform and Programs as three key verticals. We work with a few of India’s largest companies and CSR foundations on CSR programs design, pre-CSR project work and impact assessment of projects. Our online platform is the largest CSR data insights and impact communication enabler for decision-makers in CSR and philanthropy space in India and Asia. We have been helping over 55 companies to implement CSR projects through our flagship initiatives in education, employability and entrepreneurship. As an organization we are committed to design, deliver and disseminate impact-driven projects that respond to community needs, corporate ethos and give the best possible social return on investment (SROI). This commitment fuels us with agility, strength and passion to emerge as the youngest social impact advisory team in India. To know more about us, please visit www.csrbox.org

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